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  1. soysauce

    Thread: Lighting warriors are struggling to keep aggro

    deleted post because, it will do no good and it will not change anyones mind.
  2. soysauce

    Thread: Zero Tolerance Policy for Autoclickers and Bots

    There is a great way to report this, it is called "customer service" put in a ticket with name, date and time you saw the botter. Since there are multiple nodes most can gather from, send in...
  3. soysauce

    Thread: Dark priests -shadow detonation

    Yup stopped running my My first toon, my beloved soy, that I made over 7 years ago because of the changes in starfall and other nerfs along the way. LOL for that fact, I don't run any of my toons...
  4. soysauce

    Thread: If mares eats oats...

    And doe's eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy..... what do YOU think Mad Otters like to munch on?

    We know they like Otter ale, but what do you think they like to eat with it? Humm, during an...
  5. soysauce

    Thread: Rebirth is not fun

    I agree that we do not have to do the rebirths, but for many, if we did not, this game would have very little else to offer while we wait for new content. Though, for me, I have a love/hate...
  6. soysauce

    Thread: Haunted Moors Patch Delayed

    Well, a positive about this.... better to get the snafus before you patch to live, than after. :-D
  7. soysauce

    Thread: I keep getting surprise attacks in Zorian

    Turn your brightness up each and every time you go to that zone. Just don't forget to turn it back down each and every time you leave the zone or you will be blinded by the brightness.
  8. soysauce

    Thread: Why the changes to low levels?

    Totally agree. This patch, it seems all the zones are pretty much the same thing. Yes, some parts are castle and other parts or land, hills, trees etc. But, they are all dreary, gloomy, hard to...
  9. soysauce

    Thread: Make elder bosses optional

    I agree that it can be hard, frustrating, annoying and down right discouraging to try and find people to help with the upper elders. Especially on US1 where our player base keeps shrinking. Also,...
  10. soysauce

    Thread: Black Thrush Disguise Kit

    it was stated, in the live feed, that is how the outfit works. It is random on it turning you into a female or male looking toon.
  11. soysauce

    Thread: Patch 4.17 - Wrath Of The Black Thrush

    removed because it does not matter and nothing I say will change what you all choose to do.
  12. soysauce

    Thread: Vaults displaying as 9x5 instead of 8x6

    :-( it use too. We could fit 2 sets of 4 frags on one line, Now..... LOL "well crap" is about all I can say each time I look in my vaults on pc and think I have them organized in a way that makes...
  13. soysauce

    Thread: Patch 4.17 - Wrath Of The Black Thrush

    Agree, as posted already, please give us 6 more slots in bags to even out the rows. ( no, no no, it is not an option to remove those 3 slots) Unless you are nitpicky about how you organize, this...
  14. soysauce

    Thread: Patch 4.17 - Wrath of the Black Thrush Part 1, going live today

    I bet it's times like this, you Otters wished you had a huge stash of Otter ale and chocolate covered espresso beans to get you through the day. :-D
  15. soysauce

    Thread: Dev Livestream Friday Sept 14!

    I will ask, after watching the live stream that you either give notice to players (who may not watch the live stream) about the change to purchased mounts and how they auto unlock now and the toon...
  16. soysauce

    Thread: Black Thrush Madness Giveaway!

    Sounds like another fun filled few weeks before the launch of another great update. Thank you for being so generous to the players of the game. It is appreciated.
  17. soysauce

    Thread: Tanking

    Also have to remember, priest can no longer spam heal/sheild/cure like they use to for this event. That makes a big difference also.
  18. soysauce

    Thread: Tanking

    This. I have noticed, when in party with other lightning warriors, we can pull aggro off each other. ( aggro goes back and forth) Now, I can only use a few piddly feats that produce little damage so...
  19. soysauce

    Thread: Something Is Coming....

    humm, black thrush quest line continued?, updates to mobil? new quest line involving the Ever tree? Or it will get an infestation of glow bugs and light up? new zones opened up past Gortrin?.
  20. soysauce

    Thread: Elder Soul and calendar exp

    During the live feed about wellspring, it was mentioned we WOULD NOT get elder xp from the calendar. So, if someone is capped, and getting xp for elder levels, then I would say that is a bug.
  21. soysauce

    Thread: Shadow Priest

    OMG, I hate my priest even more now. I went pure shadow and now I not only have a headache but I am dizzy from watching the screen shake when my shadow orb does a blast of some kind. She still...
  22. soysauce

    Thread: Shadow Priest

    Thanks zazie, that was a great post. Love all the little info you put into it.

    Giruv. I am level 80. I have all the best gear possible from crafted and drops. I have my magic and armor about...
  23. soysauce

    Thread: Shadow Priest

    Looking for opinions of others after running your shadow priest since starfall. I know some who use to run shadow have now gone to mostly holy because they say it seems easier than a shadow priest. ...
  24. soysauce

    Thread: Event popularity?

    For me, while I understand making the free items not very easy to obtain, I think the events hang out for WAY to long. Most are not going to want to or be interested in running a zone almost daily...
  25. soysauce

    Thread: patcher and server not working

    I have been dc'd close to a dozen times so far today. I always get the little red box first, then I find I can't interact with anything, I can move around though. Then my chat won't work. usually...
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