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  1. Panthera

    Thread: Fan Friday Nov 23 -30

    Congrats to all the winners
  2. Panthera

    Thread: New V&H Forum Q&A


    I see your point IVAR
  3. Panthera

    Thread: Grinchta's Lair Livestream with the Devs!

    at least there is a purple pet dragon as part of the package deal fauna
  4. Panthera

    Thread: Zero Tolerance Policy for Autoclickers and Bots

    roflol thats our Layla Chris
  5. Panthera

    Thread: Fan Friday Nov 7 - 16

    Congrats everyone
  6. Panthera

    Thread: Fan Friday Nov 16 -23

    Congrats Everyone
  7. Panthera

    Thread: Thank you Thread

    This game has the BEST Dev team, The Best VOLUNTEER game mods, and the Best Community I have seen. That also includes our wonderful Forum Mods as well (some, if not all, of which are also game mods...
  8. Panthera

    Thread: Just for fun: The Laws of Haunted Moors

    OH my Gosh Karen I Am laughing so hard at just how true that is my best 20 teeth drop was when I had 98 and it was a lucky drop that dropped several jawbones. and several times I had the log in just...
  9. Panthera

    Thread: Haunted Moors Post-mortem: Part II (rewards pricing)

    I knew the Mount was out of my range the minute I saw the pricing besides the lava Dragon AND Web witch together were less candy corn than either mount and I barely got enough to get both outfits
  10. Panthera

    Thread: Haunted Moors Post-mortem

    Well Written Post my dear friend!
  11. Panthera

    Thread: Our New US3 Moderator

    Congrats William
  12. Panthera

    Thread: Important message for US3 Villages Mayors and Guild Leaders.

    LoL that happens at times my friend :D appreciate the wanting to warn us
  13. Panthera

    Thread: Important message for US3 Villages Mayors and Guild Leaders.

    Most of them are below the level limit to vote.

    I was not saying that locking down vaults is not fair or reasonable, just as a mayor there is no in between between giving someone access to all...
  14. Panthera

    Thread: Red chest

    if you hover your screen pointer over (or right click I believe) a chest of the red derring it tells you what you can get inside it (and the percentage of that particular item being inside) there may...
  15. Panthera

    Thread: Important message for US3 Villages Mayors and Guild Leaders.

    In a public village it is hard to give access only to those you know. It is not fair or right to deny the villagers access to the vaults after a reasonable amount of time, Yes restrict access to ALL...
  16. Panthera

    Thread: Haunted Moors Departure!

    that was posted after the Aixit Down time post and before the actual down time by Aixit my concern at the time had to do with the 6 hours which was 3 drudas and 4 incarns a loss of 66 corns, the...
  17. Panthera

    Thread: Servers Down Tuesday November 13

    what about those of us who play across devices (android and PC on SAC) and does that mean everything bought on PC SAC on accts with a toon over 40/rebirthed is now Soulbound or will it still be...
  18. Panthera

    Thread: Haunted Moors Departure!

    Sarah how are we supposed to do get what we need with this happening every tuesday through January Starting TODAY...
  19. Panthera

    Thread: Fan Friday Oct 19 - 26

    Awe Sarah I am so sorry that happened to you You ROCK

    Gotta love the TROLLS :( NOT!!!
  20. Panthera

    Thread: Fan Friday Oct 26 - Nov 2

    Congrats everyone and Yes Irish I so totally agree and even commented on that to Layla but did we think of snapping that and submitting it to fan Friday NOPE LOLOL
  21. Panthera

    Thread: sorry mad otter im not a quest fan

    I am another that is heavily map dependent and struggle even with the maps (ask Irish she has had to deal with me and my getting lost a few times) and sometimes I can even know the path to where I...
  22. Panthera

    Thread: Sleuths and Slayers! An Ardent Mystery Event

    Sounds Like FUN
  23. Panthera

    Thread: Crown Bags Have Been Removed From the Item Shop

    Awe so sorry to hear that. It was nice being able to help someone out that wanted an item that was soulbound/acct bound upon purchase
  24. Panthera

    Thread: Changes to the Balance Changes

    So Happy to hear this:) with running out of mana several times (with none of my feats having an increased mana charge (as far as I could tell)) in the event zone fighting mobs, and being one shot a...
  25. Panthera

    Thread: I have experienced five rebirth, I do not know the next will be a sixth rebirth?

    it is going to go to at least L100 judging by some of the stats I have seen on bosses etc. currently in the game on live.
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