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  1. William-Hououin

    Thread: Lost my house, and my lot in my favorite Village

    Well, just a little story about a huge company, Square Enix in fact

    So I was playing final fantasy XIV with my friend, and she got disconnected during a dungeon.
    When she tried to get back in,...
  2. William-Hououin

    Thread: Crown Bags Have Been Removed From the Item Shop

    You can buy crowns in the crown shop ;)
  3. William-Hououin

    Thread: Hunting and Gathering tournaments

    Oh yeah totally.

    The numbers and mobs names were giving just to explain the idea. It would need to be researched to get the right amount and all to make it challenging but doable.

    It would...
  4. William-Hououin

    Thread: 1st bloodgang public olympics

    That’s what I was thinking too
    I think it’s called p2w ;)

    Anyway hope you guys are gonna have fun !
  5. William-Hououin

    Thread: Hunting and Gathering tournaments

    On another mmo I’ve played, there was server wide challenges.

    Like, you have a week to kill 10 000 bog frog as a server. If you succceed, everyone on the server gets a 20% buff exp on everything....
  6. William-Hououin

    Thread: Fan Friday Nov 16 -23

    Congrats all!

    Very good week, I had a good laugh with that modded BuzzLightyear >.<
  7. William-Hououin

    Thread: Black Friday...?

    Every hour ? For 36 hours ?!!?
    Goodness !
    Yay \o/
    Thank you !!!!!!
  8. William-Hououin

    Thread: Issue with Customer Support

    Have you tried with another browser ?
  9. William-Hououin

    Thread: Nights of poetry this Friday on US3!

    Here’s the event for this week on US3! Friday evening as usual !

    (I know we had a poetry night not too long ago, but a couple peeps were disappointed to miss it)

  10. William-Hououin

    Thread: Autumnal steed question

    The calendar is an annual thing. So you can keep the 3 leaves you’ll have, and get it next year (I know, it’s a long wait)

    That said, the new calendar offers many premium items that are well worth...
  11. William-Hououin

    Thread: Board games... like chess !

    Oh no no no !

    I am referring to crafting just to say how it could pop up on the game station. In my mind, it’s not related to crafting at all, it’s just another station, to do something else
  12. William-Hououin

    Thread: Board games... like chess !

    Herro !

    I had a thought about some side content that could be implemented.

    What about a village project to unlock some board games, like chess and tic-tac-toe ?

    You would click on the “game”...
  13. William-Hououin

    Thread: Our high level players US2

    Imo, what we need is side content (I know I am saying that often...)

    Like housing would be a great plus

    And I have a card game in mind, you know like a simplified version of magic the...
  14. William-Hououin

    Thread: Our New US3 Moderator

    Thanks all for the warm welcome !!!
    Very happy to be in that wonderful team, and I hope that someday, I’ll be as awesome than the actual mods

    I’ll do my best !

  15. William-Hououin

    Thread: Important message for US3 Villages Mayors and Guild Leaders.

    ... T_T

    Didn’t wanted to start anything with this, just wanted to warn public villages ...
  16. William-Hououin

    Thread: Customer Supoort Ticket.vs Bug Report

    Hope that little poster helps !

    Big thanks to Anna and Rock !
    You’re the best ! ^_^
  17. William-Hououin

    Thread: I can't find out Untina on Drom. ( ˘•ω•˘ ).。oஇ


    This map is so hard... I used this video to get it done. I followed it sort by step, with pausing as much as necessary...

    Good luck !
  18. William-Hououin

    Thread: Important message for US3 Villages Mayors and Guild Leaders.

    Well, good luck for explaining that to them. One of them was explaining is revolutionary way of leveling up ranching, which consist of deleting animals when they sleep, and buy new ones. Cause you...
  19. William-Hououin

    Thread: Important message for US3 Villages Mayors and Guild Leaders.

    Some players in world chat have clearly announced their intention of raiding public villages.

    Here’s how it work (it is claimed by those people to be a game mechanic that is meant to be used)

  20. William-Hououin

    Thread: Riddles event on US3 !

    Hi all! Here’s the announcement for this week event on US3!
    See you all on Friday ! ^_^
  21. William-Hououin

    Thread: First Impressions

    Really Spaceman?
    Playing since February, and I have yet to buy sockets ...

    As for travelling, I think the best thing to do is to buy Ardent society membership, which is around $7 a month

  22. William-Hououin

    Thread: First Impressions


    First of all, welcome \o/
    Happy to have you onboard !

    Also, I am very happy to see that my Reddit posts helped someone ^_^

    Hope you’ll love this game as much as I do
  23. William-Hououin

    Thread: Fan Friday Nov 2 - 9

    Congrats all!

    Thank you for making my Friday a nice day :)
  24. William-Hououin

    Thread: We're sorry presents!

    Woah! It’s like Christmas !!!
    Thank you so much !!!!
    I’ll put that awesome weapon to serve King Leo!
  25. William-Hououin

    Thread: Thank you Thread

    Ooooooooh! Love that idea, that’s great !

    Ok so, there would be so much to thanks people for, so I’ll just choose one for this first edition.

    Thanks to Diet, who threw himself in the lion’s den...
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