New Features and Content
  • Christmas is here, and that means the Grintcha has returned to Ardent to spread his own unique style of Cheer and Joy. This time he has brought some of his cronies with him.


  • The color of Whisper was changed to make it more distinct from moderator chat.
  • Necklaces that boost condemn will no longer drop, only necklaces that contain the actual spell will now drop.
  • Pumpkinize should no longer upset citizens of ardent
  • New "Particle Clipping" and "Light Clipping" advanced graphics sliders for adjusting when particles and lights stop showing.
  • Graphics: The "Object Distance" and "Mob Distance" options in Advanced have been changed to "Object Clipping" and "Creature Clipping" and are now based on pixel screen size. Also, object distance clipping has been generally improved. Some players will see a noticeable improvement to the frame rate.
  • For the packs that provide extra bag space, we made the description accurate (explains which bag is unlocked, and correctly says 30 slots, not 25)

Bug Fixes

  • (hopefully) fixed the bug with block so that now block works correctly even in the world chat channel
  • Fixed: Eating insects no longer causes Ardent Society Membership to disappear until you relog.
  • Fixed a very rare bug that would cause a gfx memory crash on some older cards on Ultra at nighttime (Fizzbin!)