This is a small patch to fix a few bugs with 2.38.2.

  • Fixed: Outfits are mixed up: elf outfit has santa gloves & boots; and vice versa
  • Fixed: Glacial Spike and Holy Bolt are not working in some zones (but rezoning sometimes makes them work again)
  • Fixed Gentlemen and Lady outfits to not say they can be gifted
  • Fixed: Angel wings were missing their texture.
  • Boosted the reward for "The Art of Toymaking"
  • Auto-kicking when trying to gather with 0 vim does not happen until 20 clicks (up from 5).
  • The options button is now available to be clicked even before signing in.
  • Changed the "Particle Clipping" slider so its range is the same as the "Object Clipping" and "Creature Clipping" sliders.