Hello Everyone!

This is small build that has a couple of improvements and some bug fixes. And, Grinchta has fled Ardent. He was heard muttering that he was so misunderstood.

A special memorial for Starry Knight was added to the plaza in front of Ardent Castle.


  • Smoothed out hitching while loading a zone (at 77% especially).
  • Removed some of the occasional frame rate stutters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when the Shadow Detail slider was set to 100%.
  • Fixed: Dragon's Fanged Hat and Steam goggles missing: this appears to be caused by a problem in the dts file. Since we had a problem like this before, I wonder if there is a basic problem now with the exporter running out of memory- and the file has simply grown so large that we continue to have problems when exporting.
  • Fixed: adjusted monster detail default settings
  • Fixed: Aegis does not stop holy damage. I can blast through anything while it's in aegis, killing it before it comes out. This is with Holy Bolt, Smite, and Divine Hammer.
  • Fixed: Certain objects (such as torches) are now clipped together, instead of the stand disappearing but a floating flame remaining.
  • Fixed: when opening the Shared Trunk, if it had no items in it, a "Retrieving Items..." text would appear and never go away.
  • Fixed: right-clicking to inspect an item in the Shared Trunk would show the wrong item (for example, one's hat or an item in one's bag).
  • Fixed: key bindings for players with certain non-ASCII keyboard layouts, such as Bulgarian, would be lost every time they entered the game.
  • Glitches
    • Fixed: Sadik in Rackabone Peak keeps sinking lower.
    • Fixed: At 1 -97 148 in Underbelly, there is a graphical error with the water.
    • Fixed: Floating tree at -126 -168 189 in Creation Caves
    • Fixed: Wood Gather in Green Gate was listed incorrectly as Level 6 instead of Level 16.