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Thread: new fan site
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    new fan site

    Just posted a small fan site, still working on it.
    has in offer
    hyperlinked world map where shows different zones as you click on the different locations around the map.
    zone map shows up on left side of page.
    above is navigaiton bar, showing
    1: map of village.
    2: village management showing locations for members houses, and who is is not plus craft stations progress.
    (that to be effective needs to be copied to your pc, is not interactive.

    maps of the Depths showing Bosses, then on the portals what portal goes to where or shadow zones.
    Shortcuts which are nice for Swamps of Grogul.
    Charter Layouts that you can copy to work with from your pc for a guide.
    right click drag and copy then paste to your pc.
    links to other fan sites and villagers and heroes.
    If you find it helpful thank you, if only meant to aid and help
    To one and all, Have a very happy New Year

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    Asking for bit of help, any and all help appreciated.
    When doing charters for gathering, they start rank 1, and get approximately 1700 xp each charter you turn in, till go to rank 2, then on each successive rank you get additional 1000 added on to the 1700. good I got that do understand that portion
    However that does not apply to Crafting charters. they start out roughly 45xp Rank 1, then go on a multiplication of roughly 1.9 but also that does not hold, is close but no ball park.

    would anyone possible have the crafting charter exp levels per rank and what they are ?

    Very much appreciated.
    Have rewritten my charter tables on my web site up above. one was ok, but the other was total not right.
    Now is right, except for the experince gained per charter on the crafting.
    Enjoy all

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    I bookmarked this. The interactive map is fantastic. I took a screen shot of the Village management page. I suppose I could open this up in Gimp and add my own information. How do you suggest we use this?

    The Charter list is a godsend. Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for this. It is very helpful. Hopefully this will be stickied so it doesn't get lost when other topics are posted. Love the map of the Depths! ☺