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It is November of 2017 and STILL NO IOS VERSION!! This is unacceptable!! This is the only mmorpg in the google play store that doesn't also have an iOS version!!

I can only conclude that the iOS version has been shelved. I was told last DECEMBER it was coming "soon" At least Albion Online is getting their iOS Beta after a year of only being PC/Android.

I'm so disappointed!!
While we can understand your disappointment because our iOS client is still under development, we can assure you are wrong that our iOS client has NOT been shelved. We are working on it every day and we hope to have it ready in the foreseeable future. With only a very small development team (that has also produce content updates for our existing players while working on the iOS version simultaniously), the iOS version might take us longer than you (and also we) have liked, but we are working as fast as we can to bring V&H to a iPhone near you very soon!