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Thread: Sapphiredragon Guild Presents March 2017 Story Telling Event
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    Glad you enjoyed the stories and I so love your quote - "no such thing as failures, only discoveries!"
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    great stories again, and of course 2 hours after the event i was wide awake :/
    shall start collecting sleep points so i manage the next event.
    good thing we're turning the clocks forward this weekend ... i could be in with a chance to join you all again.

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    Greetings Villagers and Heroes Friends! Here are some photos that were submitted from the event!

    Deeandre and Mystical W0rld were two of the 6 story tellers.

    The line for the event "welcome gifts" began early in the Sapphiredragon City!

    Cheers, applauds, toys, and lights filled the air (we have to have our sillies, of course!) as people shared their "Lucky Tales!"

    Friends listening to the enjoyable stories. It was a spring like day for the event. The sounds of the waterfalls and birds chirping created a magical scene for the event!
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