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Thread: Lost ice wizard need a guide :)
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    Lost ice wizard need a guide :)

    I am new tried warrior make her 1st rebirth and make it 30 again but I want to give a shot for "cool" wizard.
    Which feats and which proficiency is good ?
    what is your ice mage current feats and prof. And what armor you are using ?(which skills on armors)
    Thank you
    thank you
    thank you
    PS: I am looking for solo friendly build. with my war. I am usually solo .
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    User Frostalite's Avatar
    I am more a hybrid wizard, so I do use ice spells. One of the good ones is "deep freeze", this can freeze the victim for 7 seconds, so you can hit it with a couple more quick spells( Ice javelin and fireball are good) before they close onto you.
    This works well when playing solo until you get to higher levels when mobs are linked to each other and groups attack you.
    I have used different combinations thru the levels, a lot depends on what drops you get and how you gnog gear.
    Welcome to wizardry, I'm on US2, if that's your server maybe I can help you.
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    Hi tkots80, Gratz on your 1st post
    Frostalite is correct - your question poses many other questions. People who you would looove to hear from will not answer your post because it is too broad - too vague. They would have to write an essay. If you have got to lvl 30 as a Warrior, you must have noticed how big this game is.

    Try searching this forum for "Wizard Build" or "Ice Wizard Build". Try looking at other V&H websites - There are at least a half-dozen very good ones - all built by fans of this game.

    The forums you find here are an excellent place to start.
    But you do have to start

    If you are not in a Guild then look around. See what Guilds are on your server. Some are packed with wizzes, some with the other classes. Try posting in World Chat; "Any good Wiz Guilds?" You WILL be answered, heh,heh. Maybe a Guild Leader will get in touch
    Above all, enjoy yourself.
    Good Luck

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    Majenta, Jena A, Arcola
    My wiz is a pure ice build and generally I can solo reasonably well.

    Like all my chars my emphasis is on damage, so I have magic power and frostfire maxed, as well as ice affinity of course. Other than that I have points shared out amongst spirit, health, spirit charm, and inner renewal.

    My staff has ice javelin, glacial spike, ice storm, deep freeze, ice strike, bitter chill and ice shield.

    Mostly I just cycle the first three feats. Deep freeze and bitter chill are "get out of jail" feats used when needed.
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    Thank you Frostalite , custard and Majenta
    Frostalite I am playing at EU server :/ But thank you
    Custard I tried to search but all I found is archive build. Joined a guild with my warrior trying to improve craftings(probably he will be my future crafter all level 40 already but need level 45 craftings for next reborn I dont want to go back crafting at the middle of level grinding ).
    Majenta Thank you that was I looking for.