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Thread: A Question as well as a skill observation.
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    A Question as well as a skill observation.

    Would like some clarification on the skill "Crippling Shot" and its current interaction with Poison damage types.

    Lets go just by rank 2 of crippling shot. It reads "Deals an additional 3 points of damage and cripples the enemy to take 5 extra points of damage from all damage types. Lasts for 15 seconds."

    So I have to ask the following. Is poison damage not considered a type of damage? Was curious about the skill poison shot. It reads "Does normal damage plus an extra 45 points of Poison damage over 12 seconds."

    Now after testing it a bit it definitely applies to poison damage types because the first normal hit from poison shot does get the 3 additional points of damage from the crippling shot effect but the problem is, its treating the second portion of this important skill effect as regular poison damage and not taking the weakness of crippling shot. I think it should apply to both parts of poison shot, initial hit and effect, if not might want to reword it.

    I think all interactions with poison damage seem a bit wonky making point investment into these skills a total risk. Playing already what I feel is a semi weak class compared to warrior, its important that most of these skills be super clear on how they are suppose to work. Its the same with Noxious shot initial takes crippling into account but no added damage increase from the 15 sec weakness on the second burst.

    Sorry for my rant. I perhaps have no idea how they are intended to work, and maybe I am overlooking something but thought this would be a good place to ask.

    Thank you.


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    Nether, Melizabel Ginald
    1st of all, dots are very weak compared to direct damage
    2nd, the extra 5 damage is applied to the dot itself, so 5 extra on the 45 base damage.. One would think it should be added to every tick, but it´s not.

    3rd your making a fair observation regarding warriors. Warriors are hands down the most powerful character damage wise.
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