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Thread: What are your top 5 requests?
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    well, looks like its your lucky day Tekno. Level cap raise is on the way, level 90 it is!
    Tbh I wouldn't like leveling to become easier (point 2). There has already been a required amount of XP drop a while back. Sure, it takes me ages to even get to 72 atm, but it shouldn't go too fast either

    xcuse me for going off topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEKNOBOOK1 View Post
    I could not deside so i putted top 10

    1 Level 80 with new elders

    2 New XP system (more alternative was to collect xp, and making leveling easier)

    3 Hunter buffs (Cmon, i ma hunter and i die so easily! If level 30 hunter goes against level 20 elder, level 30 warrior or priest is needed)

    4 New lower level quest

    5 Me wanna inside my house!

    6 New races

    7 Spices (Small things that spice up the game like more Zogs)

    8 I WANNA KNOW WHAT SPECIE MUTAGEN (Nickname: Owlbeak) AND PYRRUS (nickname Superstone) ARE!

    9 New poses! Like sleeping pose without having to use suicide, ETC

    10 More XP from quests
    Errr.... Anarky said 5, lol.
    Although I think having a sleeping feature aside from sitting down (or sitting crosslegged!) would be a fun addition to the game
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    - guild bank
    - more lore and more quests about the lore
    - either additional auctioneers in other major areas or make auction mobile like the mailing system
    - more types of ranching animals, like rabbits/goats/ducks/boars that require the same care as their counterpart but could yield more ingredients and that would require extra effort to acquire, being able to tame wild animals would be great instead of just killing and looting them, would be nice to tame and then to care for them and see what and how much they yield
    - sustainable agriculture, ranching dropping dung, dung fertilizing the fields, crops having a chance to drop seeds for replanting