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Thread: Nominations for Spring 2017 Royal Guardian of the Realm
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    I'd like to nominate Stella StormSong as well for Royal Guardian US2.
    Stella has been very helpful, respectful and kind to new and old players. You can always depend on her to help out with Event and Elder runs and quick to answer the call for help.
    She is very kind and supportive of a safe environment and community for all ages on US 2.
    Additionally, I must add, she is a great Deputy for The Lost Heroes guild and provides our guild leader (wait that's me, lol) with support whenever called upon.
    Thank you for listening and very first post (if this actually works)!
    Lady Hawk

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    I would like to nominate Stella Storm Song US 2 for Royal Guardian.
    Stella is allways listening and watching, and is there when we need her. Allways ready do help, so I know she is the Guardian, now I hope she gets the Royal Guardian title.

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    I would like to nominate Stella StormSong of US2 for Royal Guardian. In a sea of helpful players, she stands out as not only as helpful as anyone on the server but has the kindness, dedication, and patience for such a position. I can honestly say that her positive attitude and dedication towards helping new players is the single biggest reason I logged into the game a second time. Moreover, her eloquent articulation of the positive qualities of the game community and of the developers was the single biggest factor in my choice to support the game with purchases and membership. Point being, that she is not only an outstanding leader as proven by her daily actions but that she is also an advocate for such practices.

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    On US2, Stella StormSong is my nominee for Royal Guardian this spring.
    In my opinion, Lost Heroes has expanded our ranks in the past year, not by the high-pressured "Join My Guild!" tactics, but through the helpfulness and quiet conversations that Stella exhibits daily. When new recruits join, she's our own little Tour Guide and Welcome Wagon, making sure our new family member is comfortable in their new home.
    When the call goes out in World Chat "We need help with (EZ, Bounty Bosses, etc)!", Stella is there.
    When the call goes out in Guild Chat "Does anyone happen to have any (blazons, pigs, vegetables, etc)?", Stella is there.
    When the call goes out in Whisper Chat "I've had a bad day, and need a laugh.", Stella is there.

    Stella already embodies the positive role model that is a Royal Guardian.
    She deserves to have the recognition and title to go with my humble opinion, of course

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    Royal Guardian CurbstompJr's Avatar
    I would like to nominate Stella Storm Song US 2 for Royal Guardian. She is Helpful, caring Over all amazing!
    I am now AggroHolic2U on us2

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    BoxySister, Nun Nun, Tess Tamoni, Mia Grain
    Quote Originally Posted by UndreUndre View Post
    I would like to nominate Nun Nun. She set an example for me by helping me out lots when I was new to the game. When asked how I can pay her back, she replied with there is no payback just pay forward. Hence that is what I do. I live by the great example she set for me as to what this game is all about. Which she still continues to do with other new players joining on a daily basis.
    Now that is the attitude that truly exemplifies a Royal Guardian! Just a great toon to spend time with.

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    curb stomp justice beercans HATS4SALE father bear folk in town
    agreed .. stella 4 guardian , us 2
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