Not sure if this is a dead thread or not. I am a healing priest. I only do combat as support. A healing priest is pretty much a build that is only in demand from Lv 70 upward or at lower levels to help protect toons in their highest zones. My priest is Lv 79 combat and rebirthed 4 times. I have all holy talents maxed except divine hammer and restore. I cannot set enough talent points in those without weakening the talents I set in the other holy talents.

Zealotry is a nice way to spend talent points for holy healer but if you want to keep your combat feats at or near your combat level you cannot afford to assign TP in zealotry, health, spirit And divine wisdom. I would suggest you not use talents in zealotry and assign those points to health and spirit if you plan to tank . As a healing priest I feel mastery of all the passive holy proficiencies is more important than assigning talents in anything shadow.

Very few priest set talents to max shadow mastery which I find puzzling as many of the hybrid priest and priest who set mastery in holy actually use a more shadow talents than holy talents. Personally I feel it is difficult for any class to split talents between the 2 masteries in the class and maintain the strength needed to be effective.

I know little about tanking a priest but I can solo Lv 65 elders and the bounties in Bevyn and Treants. I like to run fast but for me shadow and holy priest are slow to kill. I have found "smoking a zone" is most effective when I run duo with a fire wizard.

When Starfall goes live I plan to continue playing a healing priest and set the talent tree with mastery in holy with a few in balanced. I guess I will have to wait to determine if healing priest will be appreciated in the new high level zones. when Starfall goes live.