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Thread: Quit reason
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majenta View Post
    Just for the record, OP was of course helped by the guild with elders etc, but generally did level up alone, and was not power levelled.

    You can argue that powerlevelling is also being fed every possible buff known to man to be able to level faster. This is besides the point, but I think the argument being made is moot. Some of us enjoy quick action, ie level fast, others love to sit and talk all day long.

    For the record, everyone gets help with elders as thats the nature of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoGoGadgetGo View Post
    I quit the game becouse I know that at any moment I can unquit it and play again. It might or might not be any better at that time I return or not.
    Oh! Now i get why i dont see the best EU1 player anymore! And if u come back come soon, before my "Wabbits" get old! If u get what i mean
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