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Thread: Movement Speed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reliia View Post
    Legacy players have their base run at 120% if I remember correctly and we are now at 80%.
    Just to clarify, legacy accounts have 100% base speed. Golden winged helm gives a 50% increase, and cheetah boots 30%, for a total of 180%. House bonus can bump it to 190%.

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    A few more things:
    1. There is a period when a player has defeated a monster, and now wants to go run to the next monster, but is still considered to be "in combat". Currently, this lasts for 4 seconds (on live, now). During this 4 second window, a legacy player will run 25% faster than a non-legacy player. During this period, speed boosts for legacy players and speed boosts for non-legacy players are not active. However:

    2. We are reducing the "in-combat" period from 4 seconds to 1.5 seconds. So, I don't think new players will have any real disadvantage since 1.5 seconds is short.

    3. Additionally, it was the case that damage-over-time effects (like poison, for example), would keep a player "in combat". This is no longer the case.

    Because of the above changes, and because new players can now get a FREE MOUNT by completing the tutorial, I don't think there will be any problems with new players keeping up with legacy players.

    4. For players who already have old legacy speed gear (Golden Winged Helm, Cheetah Boots, Celestia's Winged Helm, etc.): Please don't worry- we won't nerf them. I'm not sure where or how that rumor got started, but it has never been our plan to nerf them.

    5. The offer to new players that sells a mount for 67 crowns is only available to players who started playing on October 10th, 2016 or later. This offer is only once per account, not per character. Legacy accounts never were given this option, HOWEVER, when we introduced mounts, we put them on Sale at a discount.

    I'm going to leave this thread open for a couple of days, then I'll close it.

    We're not planning to make any more changes to movement before Starfall goes Live. We think the changes we've made already will solve existing problems, and we are asking everyone to playtest these changes before making further comments.

    Thanks, Damon
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    Mad Otter never nerfed Turkey Dinners unfairly.
    Here's the full chronology:

    In 2011
    * Initially added Turkey Dinner, with 12 hour Greatest Increased Knowledge +40%.

    2.19.7 on Feb. 27, 2014
    * Turkey Dinner effect was switched to 24 hour Villager XP Boost (Holiday) + Hero XP Boost (Holiday) +55%.

    2.20.0 on Mar. 3, 2014
    * Villager XP Boost (Holiday) + Hero XP Boost (Holiday) were reduced to +40%.
    * Turkey Dinner was switched to Greater Villager XP Boost + Greater Hero XP Boost +55%.

    2.28.4 on Jun. 3, 2014
    * Turkey Dinner was switched to Holiday Villager XP Boost + Holiday Hero XP Boost +20%.

    Jun. 10, 2014
    * We reimbursed each Turkey Dinner with 24 hour Villager and Hero XP Potion +50% ( )
    no changes since then

    1. Every change we've made has been massively beneficial for the players.
    2. Researching all of this was a huge waste of time. This is time we could have spent improving and polishing the game.

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    Thanks for explanation Damon. Especially i liked the future changes in the direction of reducing the time in combat after defeated and removal the effects with time for movement. This will greatly improve the game of both new and legacy players.

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    Could we at least try to stick to the topic of this thread from now on, which is movement speed, and not derail it any further?

    If you want to discuss another change that was made close to 3 years ago, feel free to open a thread about it.


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    Turkey Dinners do stack with subscriptions. The extra potions that we gave out were in addition to the Turkey Dinner. When we added subscriptions, a player could have chosen to a) not get a subscription, and b) instead use all his/her existing potions, and only after running out, sign up for a subscription. That's a pretty simple strategy.

    The subscription was an additional option that gave players who spent regularly an option to save money every month. I think most players understand that these changes were positives, and were to the benefit of the community.

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    We have, as one player said, exhausted this topic, and we don't want to "beat a dead horse".

    So, please check out the changes to Movement Speed when they go Live!

    Best, Damon