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Thread: Quest improvement
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    Esmee Goldenflame
    Quote Originally Posted by Reliia View Post
    And this game is called Villagers and Heroes, not Villagers or Heroes
    LoL, I was gonna say the same!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Layla Littlenymph View Post
    The name of the game is Villagers and Heroes.
    Let me say that again, with the proper emphasis.
    The name of the game is Villagers AND Heroes.
    I think, this is a point, I interpret drasticly different. When I first saw this game, I assumed, there were characters to be played, who are villagers and those, who are heroes. As it stands, this is rather not the case (unless one uses a secondary support character exclusively for farming/breeding or relies on guild support). In the end, there are no villagers and heroes, but hero/villagers. A purely civilian or adventurous career is, as you said, pretty much out of question (and in case of civilian abilities even pointless, as the whole non-hero part of the game is merely supportive to heroic tasks). The end result is everybody aiming to maximize every available skill.

    Would be nice to see the game enforcing a little specialisation in here, making top levels in different civilian skills as well as heroic ones mutually exclusive or setting a maximum number of total levels. Which of course would require to give villager jobs a bit of an own purpose.

    [Edit:] To clarify my stance on the "AND" part, if an ice vendor declares, he is selling vanilla and strawberry ice, I presume, he is selling two different kinds seperately, instead of one mixed kind.

    [Another Edit:] Just thought of a popular strategy computer game in the mid-90s, called "Warcraft - Of orcs and humans". You're playing either as orcs, or as humans. So yes, the assumption, that an "and" means, that two things are present as seperate entities, is not that far off.
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    I have always felt combat xp should be from combat and not gathering. I am not sure but I don't think whacking a bush should qualify as combat. I have always felt combat free gathering zones should mean no combat to open or travel to the gathering zones. In my view Lake Kiwa is a dream come to reality. It is so beautiful You have everything you need to level gathering And crafting skills in one area. There is also a vault and realm transverser for free travel. I think it would be a crafter's dream to have the other combat free gathering zones modeled after Lake Kiwa. The only thing that would make it closer to heaven would be for the elusive 30's nodes added to a combat free zone.