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Thread: I destroyed quest item. What can i do?
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    I destroyed quest item. What can i do?

    I destroyed quest item. I cant complete main quest lv5. Help me.

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    You can likely get it again; what was it that got destroyed?

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    Usually you can get quest items again by talking to the relevant npc or killing the mobs that dropped it. Sometimes it helps to party with someone who has the quest active, to get the object needed to drop.If none of those actions work, send a ticket to Customer support, telling them the quest and the name of the missing quest item, and they should be able to help. (the link to CS is in my signature) Note that a bug report will not help in this instance.
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    Hi BlackRaven, I'm looking at your bug report now and need a little more info. Are you talking about the item, 'Clementine's Engagement Ring, ' or the bugs asked for by Eamon? Thanks.

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    Clementine's Engagement Ring~
    Thank you.

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