Oh, Sarah, you made my day!
I appreciate that walk down memory lane as well as that moment of personal revelation. Knowing that you were exposed to Rocky Horror at the tender age of 13 explains some of the more... interesting aspects of your nature.

For your information, I most certainly did NOT grow up in a town that played this religiously, every Friday night. It was the next town over, and I never saw it more than six... perhaps a dozen times. I recall it ran at that theatre from the films first release until the day it went out of business almost twenty years later. Broadway would weep for joy at a run that long.

You are 100% correct that it was the audience participation that transformed the movie into a genuine experience. People would show up dressed for the occasion, and the theatre even ran a monthly costume contest. They brought in their own props, danced in the aisles, knew every line by heart, and I know exactly what you did with that string, you naughty girl, you. I was fifteen when this movie first came out, but did not actually get around to seeing it until I was around eighteen. By then, the audience was in its prime. Those are some great memories of what was a pretty good time for me.

So... why am I condemning this movie if I enjoyed it so much? After all, it had a great cast that for the most part did a good job with their roles. The soundtrack is certainly memorable. Right? So really, what's left to complain about? The movie itself. It is a parody of sci-fi and horror movies in general, Frankenstein in particular. The storyline, the setting and even the costuming are all beyond bizarre. The special effects are amateurish. It is every bit as campy as the movies they are poking fun at. The thing is, I said this was an awful movie for the simple reason that from a production standpoint, it IS awful. But, did I ever say it was not fun? The truth of the matter is that I like old, campy, awful movies. Some of my favorite childhood memories center around watching all night, B grade, sci-fi and horrer flicks with my boyhood crush, Elvira, Mistress of the Night! What could possibly make Friday night better than watching Godzilla don his cheap rubber suit to team up with Mothra to destry Tokyo for the 47th time? well... aside from Elvira, who was totally hot... just sayin...

If you grew up between the mid 50's to perhaps the mid 80's, like the early sci-fi and horror classics, enjoy campy movies, get off on watching Mystery Science Theatre and can appreciate satire, comedy and parody, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a must see, even without the audience participation. But... was it a good movie? Was it a good movie for the time accepted standards by which we judge a movie good? No! It was awful, and THAT my dear Otter, is what makes it so much FUN!

I could go on, about this forever, but lucky you, I have to break for dinner. I hope it's somethig good.
Oh, Drat!