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Thread: TODAY: Firework Display EU1
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    TODAY: Firework Display EU1

    Hey everyone,

    If you've been on the game today you may have got a redeem code in honor of Finland Independence Day.

    The redeem code gives 20 fireworks so we've decided to have a little firework display and let them all off at the same time. Whether you've got fireworks or not, please come along and join in the fun

    We're meeting on the steps in Ardent City, at 6pm UK time (in approx. 2.5 hrs after this post)
    This will be 7pm in Central European Time and 8pm Finland time. (I'm 99% sure but please double check, I did my best with google!)

    See you then

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    Thank you Vassy for this great idea!

    A few impressions of our celebration for Finlands 100th Independance day, I do think there there are 1 or 2 Finns in the picture (hope so)

    Screen Shot 12-06-17 at 07.09 PM 001.jpg
    Screen Shot 12-06-17 at 07.13 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 12-06-17 at 07.11 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 12-06-17 at 07.10 PM 001.jpg
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    Yay! Thank you everyone

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