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Thread: Movement Changes - Update and Clarification
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    I am confused with Bridle vs. Golden Speed item.

    - I only have a basic mount. 150% speed.
    - When I buy a store mount, all my mounts will move at 215% speed.
    - If I buy one Bridle, all my mounts will move at 240% speed, which is maximum (?).
    - However, Golden Speed item is 300% speed. Will this item also unlock max speed on other mounts? Very confused.
    Golden speed is a mount like any other, it just happens to be invisible, so you appear to be running as normal.

    I'm not sure where you are seeing 300%, but that seems like a mistake. The golden speed has the same speed as any shop bought mount (ie 215 % or 240% if Golden Bridle is added.)

    Buy any shop mount, and you will have the 215% speed when riding any mount (or 240% if you have also purchased the golden bridle)
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    Thank you. You are doing an excellent job listening. I feel you actually put yourself in our place when you look for solutions.