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Thread: Movement Changes - Update and Clarification
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    I'd maybe, maybe not, possibly, perhaps, not sure consider a broom, if it had a side-saddle, the way they are currently ridden... well... I think it looks, umm...
    it looks most painful to sit on it like that.

    The thing I hate most about the mounts, is constantly getting on and off the [...] thing.

    This is how I'd like my toon to sit on her broom:

    Bewitched maybe, but always a Lady..jpg

    Be witched, sometimes ~but always a Lady
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    Hahaha... I'm all about immersion but you really think things through. Since its already a magical item, I'll just pretend a riding pad of some sort magically appears when you mount it. To me, it feels like those speeder bikes from Star Wars.

    So, what you need is an automount feature and then you would feel better about mounts in general? I bet if you ask really nicely the devs could dream up something for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braveshoe View Post
    So, what you need is an automount feature and then you would feel better about mounts in general? I bet if you ask really nicely the devs could dream up something for you.
    Dismount, shear sheep mount, dismount, pet sheep, mount, dismount, pet sheep, mount dismount, pet sheep, mount, dismount, pet sheep, mount, dismount, pet sheep, mount, dismount, pet sheep. Mount, move to next sheep. mount
    Move to house, dismount drop of wool, mount.
    Move to teleporter dismount talk and teleport, mount,
    Move to VV Dismount check VV, mount.
    Move to the GOG vendor, dismount, talk to GOG vendor, mount, dismount, talk to other GOG vendor, mount.
    Teleport to the Rye, mount. move, dismount, attack enemy, mount, move, dismount attack, mount...
    ...Dismount, cross river, mount, movedismountattackmount............ GAAAH!!!!!

    Do you get what I mean? with or without aouto-mounting, mounts in their current form can not replace movement-speed.

    I find it hilarious that anyone would expect that the "speed issue" will go away after this change
    Replacing multiple speed-systems with 1 bad one might make sense from a technical standpoint but it wont resolve anything.

    For the current movement system 2 thoughts exist.
    Either you think 100% movement is good then mounts is a nice way to travel longer distances.
    Or you think 100% speed is bad then no mounts or automation will resolve the issue.
    It would take a complete redesign of the mount system to make it work in a way that can be considered a equal replacement to the old speed gear.
    Chief among the changes would be to allow the player to remain mounted most of the time.

    I guess a "golden mount" with "aoutomount" and the option to turn off any and all mounting animations could hide the issues. at least for those willing to buy the golden mount non-skin. but at that point you have to ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve by not offer a straight speed boost to mount speeds.

    On another note the whole jump-height and rolling has nothing to do with mounts. AT ALL!
    The only reason there is a difference between mounted and unmounted is because the devs want it to be so.
    Agree or disagree with them but it has nothing to do with mounts.

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    I'm curious whether they'll deal with the situation where casting a healing spell outside combat dismounts you and doesn't remount you. or even an attack spell that doesn't need a target with no enemies nearby. that doesn't remount you either. and I'm curious whether they'll deal with the next issue that comes up after that with this weird kludge of a "fix". and the one after that. because that's bound to happen with an ugly hack like this. and we'll be expected to just suck it up.

    from a design standpoint, going with what already works and isn't broken should be the clear choice. putting the speed gear back in the shop wouldn't even require coding, and would put the new players an even footing without taking anything away from anybody. they've been taking a lot of stuff away from people lately. now they're doing this Golden Wheelchair for reasons I'm sure we'll never really even hear about. it must have taken some weird twisty path of reasoning to get them to try to make this unnatural chimera of a "solution" work, and even if they make it semi-palatable it's nowhere near as good as what we had.

    and I resent the loss of dodge-rolls tremendously! dodge-rolls are fun! look at this!

    that's gonna be gone now. that just kills me. like nobody's gonna miss the rolls. I know people used rolls to move faster. I wonder if that was it. maybe somebody was mad that people could "break the speed limit" with rolls. the whole "non-dodging roll slower than walking pace" thing makes me feel like my nose is being rubbed in something. why keep the roll at all if it's no longer functional?

    what they could do make all mounts dodge. nonhuman ones could swerve. and why can't jump in place? why can't all mounts jump in place? no reason they can't. I have no idea why they didn't set it up that way in the first place. but none of this would even be an issue if they just left the speed gear in the item shop, or put just it back now.

    sigh, it's a bad excuse for a fix. I've tried to point out all the cases where players need to be remounted, but some are inevitably gonna get missed and they're clearly fine with that. they've put some decent work into patching the holes, but some still remain and I'm sure more will crop up. when you're constantly patching holes in something that just simply worked in the first place, that's how you know you've got a bad design. the more I think about it, the more the whole thing leaves me sick to my stomach.

    and really? "hit it out of the park"? lol. try "jumped the shark".