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Thread: Settings / UI/ and chat all blank.
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    Settings / UI/ and chat all blank.

    Hey.. Just downloaded the client less than 24h ago.
    Since starting, all of my hotkey function and settings have been blank, as well as typing in chat.. until it posts can't see any of it. Also right clicking any player brings up a blank menu.

    I am playing on a desktop with the standalone client from this website.. and I did perform a file check from the launcher.

    I can't find any mention on these forums, Reddit, or from players in the game.

    I'm at level 12 now.. can play the game.. sort of.. Half of the stats on gea ris missing.. it just says stuff like +16.
    I asked around and apparently its power rating? But isn't in the list of stats itself? Idk it's just blank.

    Strangely.. skill descriptions, examines.. and crafting.. as well as dialogue are all fine.
    Running at the maximum 4096x2160 resolution with ultra / custom graphics in fullscreen.
    Changing to windowed or lowering the resoltuion / graphics doesn't solve it.

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    V&H doesn't officially support 4K resolutions, though it should still work fine aside from the occasional visual glitches - nothing on the scale you are describing though.

    I assume you have the most up-to-date GPU drivers installed? Seems like the most likely culprit if you already did the verification in the launcher.

    You could send an in-game bug report which would help us figure out what's going on - if you press Ctrl+Shift+B while in-game it will attach a screenshot which will be helpful.
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