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Thread: Inventory management.
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    I am a mobile user only so far and these suggestions are almost a must have for inventory control �� Need split stack functionality and a option to salvage directly from the item menu not from the salvage wand menu. There is no way to see detailed info from salvage menu. Also more sort functions on mobile would be nice!

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    Honestly I have not been playing anymore since the power supply went out on my PC. Too many things are missing or cumbersome on mobile to allow the game to be enjoyable to me. I guess I must have been spoiled on my PC. Limited stack sizes and an unmanageable inventory are too much for me to contend with until I can afford to fix my PC. I guess the break might bode well since the menotony was getting to me anyway. I haven't even bothered to see if this event is an improvement to the priors. I'm still Ardent member but I have lost interest for now. I still think the otters are the best devs around. It was managing my inventory on mobile that was too much to deal with anymore.
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    I'll have to log in and see if salvaging is feasible now

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    Looks much improved anyway thx otters