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Thread: US3 Guild Villages
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhemmayhem View Post
    Earlier in this thread you stated housing shortage? Thought this was a game not real life? Why can't players make as many towns as they want with their friends and or guild however big or small there groups are its not like there's a place on the world map taking up no more than 20 kb of space. It's code which can be upgraded to not even exceed 1kb to allow 50 more player villages if need be .. makes no sense how you are allowing there to be non active towns/villages but arent allowing new and active players who to make thier own. You are depriving people of independence and the aspect of free to do what you want or play within the game.
    Because Villages take up a massive amount of server resources. If chars created hundreds of empty villages the game would be unplayable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDust View Post
    Would Love to petition that Royal city village be converted to a guild village for The Cult Guild

    Mayor is jennfyr, in Royal City, has 50 gold, had required items but since disappeared with update.
    Requesting it be converted as soon as possible please~Ty DustDevil
    I happen to be a new member of The Cult (Royal City, US3) and would very much like to help with projects and the works WITH my people. Instead, I'm quite literally on an island, in another city, with a house in front of mine, whose daisies have stated "ready" since I've been in here! Since Royal City if full, we have people ready to "pounce" on plots, once they are noticed as available, just for others like myself, so we can all begin working on the place with one another.

    After reading a bit, unsure if this idea has been mentioned, but why not make a few villages with "lesser features" for the new people just starting up that either have not found/joined a guild yet? Lesser features, being obviously no mayor, projects, etc. just to have a place to lay down their house and get a feel for it. Perhaps tighter restrictions for these villages like they must log in within 4 or 5 days instead of the new 14, to keep the house going as to not take up so much space for the next person that comes along.

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    I am also in Royal City, member of The Cult.

    We have 46 guild members in this full village. Have been trying to meet the 50 requirements, but understand that it was lowered to 40 on some discord thread. I have resorted to offering a buyout to the 14 non guildies. They don't respond to village mail or to participate in projects. We have members who are eager to participate.

    I understand Diet's position about creating communities and avoiding "cliques," but tell me how a full crew of 60 guildmates takes away from that sense of community. We are getting no sense of community from these 14 that must be alts, logging on to farm and/or refresh their lot timers. We have been striving to fill slots as they become available, but sometimes non-guild beat us to the punch.

    We want our own city, please. We aren't excluding ppl who want to join our guild. We actively recruit. This village-separate-from-guild thing seems a bit counter-intuitive to the idea of "community."

    Maybe make villages guild based, public until certain criteria met. Players have option to join guild if they want to stay but lose lot if they don't join within x days. Just an idea.

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    I would not appreciate a guild forcing me to move out of my village unless I joined them.