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Thread: Shadow Priest help
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    Shadow Priest help

    I got my shadow priest to 19 but can't get it to work for me. Either it's a bad class(doubtful) or I cant build it anywhere near right(hope it's this). Tried to find some builds but been unable to find anything current.

    So far got 10 in consecration, 7 in well read, 1 in servant of shadow and 4 in shadow affinity. Been running with gloom, shadow orbs and dark frost.

    Any help or advice is welcome. Plan was to be Dps with some off heal/support.

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    What server are you on? Did you ask around for someone on the server, sometimes it is easier to help when we are on our priest toon.

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    Maybe you should try a pure shadow build with 5 points in Hexing Shadows and 10 in Call of the Void.. Shadow priests in my experience need quiet a bit of mana so I'd put points into Well read as well. Once you've got more talent points it's very worthwhile to skill first Strength of Will and next Precision. That way you have condemn and it lasts as long as the fight (and you don't die during the fight).

    The tricky thing about the shadow priest is in which order to use your attacks. The shadow orb has the ability to "detonate" your DOTs so start a fight with a DOT or two and then use shadow orb to do more damage.

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    The order you fire off your feats in definitely is important. Start off with darkfrost for the slowing effect, then hit gloom & then shadow orbs. You can use your talent points many different ways, but I'm not a fan of putting points here & there willy-nilly. My advice would be to max the 5 point talent on the shadow page (the top-most one), then max the one below that, then max well-read from the balance section, and then go back to the shadow page and continue working your way to the bottom, maxing one talent at a time. If your gear is good, you should be able to make this work, imo. (At least, I've been able to make this work for me.)

    Look for a lvl 17-19 cure necklace to give yourself a heal, should you need it. And craft gear to get reinforcement runes for will, clarity, and haste...even just getting reinforcement runes for vigor, vitality, and intellect will help. (Just fyi, at the high lvls, having 5 star reinforcement runes for blasting and beserk is a big part of my preferred build. I can't imagine trying to play a high lvl shadow priest without any reinforcement runes for epic stats. Imo, they make a HUGE difference!)

    You will also want to take advantage of crafted combat buffs, to help raise your stats without requiring you to earn quite so many mastery stars in your recipes. (I would recommend earning 1-3 stars in each crafted recipe until you're about lvl 45. Then, you'll want to begin earning more like 2-4 stars in each recipe. And imo, by the time you hit the Pyrron zones around lvl 55 combat, you'll REALLY want to have a blasting reinforcement rune on your gear & you only have a chance of getting those after you've earned 5 stars.) There are extracts & drams. Extracts will help boost your shadow mastery and the drams can increase your clarity, haste, and expertise -- Which will help to compensate for the "gaps" in your gear (those areas of stat coverage where you KNOW you're lacking!)

    Also keep in mind that the best gear is a combo of drop loot, elder, and crafted. The stats from elder and drop gear are usually better than the stats on crafted, but crafted gear is the only way of getting reinforcement runes. Certain runes are only available on elder, crafted, or drop loot (although there's a little bit of cross-over, too).

    The shadow orbs rune from the crafted shadow mace is generally stronger than the one from other sources. I would also look for rings with runes that boost both shadow orbs & gloom. And once you get to the point where you're willing to spend a socket to get a 4th feat on your mace, add corrupting plague (from the elder mace.) Corrupting plague is another DOT, but it does a very small amount of dmge over a LONG time, which gives you plenty of chances for your shadow orbs to trigger a "home run."

    Best of luck, and if you have any more q's, just ask.