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Thread: Will you be opening additional,villages on US3?
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    There is also EU1 & EU2, I do not know the dates that they opened. You can created characters on all 5 servers if you wish. The majority of iOS players are playing on the new server US3. Currently, most players are between levels 20-40. But new players are starting everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardwyck View Post
    Hello Skyoto,

    Server US3 was opened 2.5 weeks ago, when the iOS version was released. PC, Android, and iOS users all play on all servers. They will probably not start another server anytime soon.

    US1 launched in 2011
    US2 launched in 2014
    US3 launched in 2018
    EU's 1 & 2 were opened just after Closed Beta, the game went to Open Beta and they split the original into 3 servers; US1, EU 1 and EU2 around the end of April 2011.

    BTW, March 15 was the 7th anniversary of Closed Beta opening