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Thread: Servers Down, Weds 28th
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    Servers Down, Weds 28th

    Hi Everyone, we will be bringing the servers down shortly to push a very small fix-it build.

    Patch 4.11.12

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed: issues with getting "Cannot mount while in combat", even when not in combat.
    • Fixed: it was still possible to get stuck while mounting and trying to interact with cooking pots and spinning wheels.

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    Thank you very long waiting on these fantastic

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    Sarah there is also a problem going through some openings when using anything but golden speed (ie in Coille going through the hut doors to interact with the village manager). I will bug it next time it happens to me (it is not just in Coille had it happen to me yesterday elsewhere which made me realize it was not Coille exclusive)
    Kaya Kittyfeathers Priest US1