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Thread: Hunter build help
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    Hunter build help

    I have not made to far into hunter so far, just rebirthed 30 and working back to it.

    I want to do nature hunter and have been putting points into nature got Quiver/tranquility and one with the wild, next up is nature affinity. Then planned barbed heads, and resourcefullness.

    But was told I'd be better off mixing it up and adding two marksman skills: Crippling shot with max lethality for stun and Concussion shot.

    Surviving fine on quests and bounties to 30 so far. Mana regen blows but that is due to low will and clarity.

    Tried looking through the forum but nothing new been posted in Hunter section for a LONG time.

    I realize it is hard to give a perfect answer based on what I provided. Even just knowing what others are using or their reason for not using something would be helpful.

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    Smart Cookie
    I don't usually 'max' one of the talents, then the next etc. The mastery and resourcefullness take a lot of points to max, but they are important in my opinion. I max the first one on the nature side first.. I'm not on right now, not sure what it's called But it slows your enemies down with every nature feat you throw at them I think. This way most are pretty much dead when they reach you. I personally noticed I don't need my heal (tranquility maxed) at earlier levels, I max it when I feel I need it, or when I have spare points.

    If you really want a stun, you can get one of the marksman ones.. I use crippling (+ lethality maxed) on my higher level hunter, but haven't needed it much on my lower level toon yet.

    When starting out I use my points on the first one in nature, one with the wild, nature affinity and resourcefulness. Spare points, or when I feel like I don't need to up the ones I just mentioned, go into tranquility and barbed heads. If you want the nature heal, max out tranquility.

    Hope this helps a bit, you don't have to copy me or whatever, just see what works for you Some people work only on maxing one then go on to the next one and max that, others don't :P all personal preference

    Edit for mana: I don't think any skills with talent points help with mana, other than resourcefulness and when maxing resourcefulness. Try to look for gear with mana related stats
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    Zazie, Shiny BlueG, Skipperdee, Auntie Social
    I take a different approach than Cookie. I do max out each talent before moving onto the next one. (Probably in part because there's less thought required this way: When I lvl up, I know exactly where I'll be putting that next talent point & don't have to debate where to place it!) LOL

    My lvl 76 4X-rebirthed hunter was already lvl 74 when the big changes from Starfall hit, but she completed her lvl 75 rebirth shortly after Starfall. So, although I had 20 extra talent points to work with, I can tell you that the following is the order in which my hunter maxed her talents:

    Virulent Quiver, Tranquility, Resourcefulness, One With the Wild, Nature's Affinity, Barbed Heads

    My "bread and butter" feats are Nature's Veil, Woodland Arrow, Poison Shot, and Viper Sting (with the occasional Concussion shot thrown in for good measure, when I need a fast-refreshing AOE feat.) If I were trying to avoid using sockets on my weapon, I would definitely keep Nature's Veil & Woodland Arrow. I would probably add either Poison Shot or Viper Sting to it, possibly even Concussion Shot instead, but that would be a tough decision. Noxious Shot is another really good feat. (If there were more slots on the bow, I wouldn't mind having that one, too! And at some point, I had to choose between Viper Sting & Noxious Shot. Viper Sting won the contest, but I was analyzing them looking at things like dmge, cooldown, mana use, etc.) I can't remember how they compared, but I was willing to make the trade-off to get what I wanted. (If I remember correctly, Viper Sting costs more mana but does more dmge than Noxious Shot.)

    The full line-up in my feats bar is:
    Complete Control (trinket feat that helps with mana -- I only need to use this during long elder fights)
    Concussion Shot
    Poison Shot
    Viper Sting
    Venom of Serpent (from lvl 60+ elder bow)
    Nature's Veil
    Woodland Arrow
    Nature's Boon (nature class token - lvl 55+)
    Ferocity of Wolverine
    Conjured Regeneration (trinket feat only needed for tough elder fights)

    (Note that you can equip trinkets starting at lvl 35 combat. If I wasn't using a mana & a healing trinket, I might use one to boost my savagery or haste or something else. LOTS of different trinket feat options available!)

    On the Character page, I have 2 green "arrows" in all the common & uncommon stats, except for 3 green arrows in Nature Mastery. (Yes, I've used that many sockets on my gear! And no, I wouldn't recommend heavy socket use in the lower lvls, since you outgrow your gear so quickly.) LOL My hunter's not terribly picky about which of her epic stats are the highest, she's just slightly spoiled since she crafts all her own 5 star gear. (The reinforcement runes for epic stats & stronger runes in general are definitely worth it! In particular, having Nature's Veil be as strong as possible & having the booster for it from the crafted boots.)

    I have two marksman feats: Retreat (still worth it in case of emergency & helpful in the Pyrron zones) & Concussion shot. All my gear has either nature mastery or no mastery at all in the base stats. All of the runes on my gear boost nature mastery or nature feats. Before Starfall, I used Crippling Shot, too. But after Starfall, I didn't want to use more than TWO marksman feats, so I had to make a choice of which feats I wanted to keep. Concussion Shot is a fast-refreshing AOE feat & I was NOT about to give it up! LOL And since I have no love for feats like Distract (where any AOE disrupts the feat) & I loooove AOE feats like blasting (which randomly triggers), using Retreat instead makes the most sense for me!

    Whenever I think that my shadow priest is a beast, I look at my nature hunter & there's no comparison. At level (and excluding going into Nature's Veil mode after the last kill), it's pretty much two or three feats fired off & it's quickly DEAD!