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Thread: Fan Friday April 6 -13
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    Fan Friday April 6 -13

    Happy Friday the 13th! We're going to make it a lucky day instead -- this is The Week of Ties.

    There were soooooo many entries this week, and all so good! And it's wonderful to see so many submissions from players who have never entered before. All in all, great work, everyone, keep it up! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted.

    • First Place: a tie
      • Arcaneium (US2) - 'What Is The Meaning Of Villagers And Heroes?'
      • Evlyn Wernella (US1) - 'Being A Hero'
    • Second Place: a tie
      • Michel (EU2) - 'Family Ties'
      • Tamur (US1) - 'Giant Ghost Squirrel - The Untold Story'
    • Third Place: a tie
      • ShadowKast (US2) - 'White House'
      • Suoh (EU1) - 'Easter Is Over'

    By Arcaneium

    Being A Hero by Evlyn Wernella

    Being a hero *really* isn't the epic adventure you think it's gonna be. Sure, there's the questing, and the slaying, and the random interesting things that always seem to happen when you're around, but seriously. This job is about two hours of nonstop work a day, but the rest of the time? It's BORING! I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, ok, and at first I think it's fine. Like, it's all cool, I'm gonna rest here for a bit then go on with the whole saving the world thing.

    But then after about an hour, you start to wonder, if this quest is so important, then why haven't I moved yet? I mean, c'mon, I got important, world saving stuff to do here, right, I can't just sit around doing nothing! But I just can't move. And ya know when that really starts to suck? When it's hour six and the mead starts to run downstairs all at once, and ya gotta pee. But you can't move!

    I'm telling ya, it's the worst part about being a hero. Well, there's also this other thing. I dunno about you, but I have this kinda, uh, compulsion, I guess. Whenever a monster drops anything, I have to pick it up. Now that doesn't sound too bad. But when you've got ten bows, five pairs of shoes, seven pieces of armor, various monster parts, wool, vegetables, some potions, and about six shields you can't even use, people start to look at you a little funny.

    Now I don't mind it too much, I make a lotta gold that way. But I gotta say, the way people look at me! They gotta think I'm a hoarder or something, I swear folks think I have something wrong with me. Well, there's not much wrong with me. I got the looks, the talents, the experience.

    But with my *sheep!*. There's something wrong with them, I tell you that! I have about six of them, raised them since they were small, take good care of them. And how do they treat me?! They ask for plants that need more experience that I have, and by no less than six levels! They're greedy little things, don't appreciate what I do for them.

    Y'know, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if the townsfolk actually appreciate me. Sure, they'll accept my help, but after that it's all "good day", "safe travels", "thanks for helping me." It's hard to have a real conversation these days, and not just cause of the technology, I mean I'm all for arcane restorations, my bow is one, but sometimes people get too focused on what the hero can do for them, not what they can do for their local hero.

    Anyways kids, stay in school, get an education, be a farmer. Maybe your sheep will be better behaved than mine.

    By Michel

    Giant Ghost Squirrel -- The Untold Story by Tamur

    Sitting at the foot of the Giant Ghost Squirrel, Tamur R listens to the untold story of how the giant ghost squirrel saved Pyrrus's sister.

    "Long ago, in a different age and a different time, Pyrrus and his sister were walking through these very woods... just over there. The people of Ardent were all in a tizzy, rampaging through the woods, crushing all the plants, making a big mess. Pyrrus told her to run and hide until all the people left, but she didn't want to leave him.

    He shoved her into a thicket just as some hunters grabbed him and knocked him on his head. Arrow notched, a huntress drove into the thicket after her. I couldn't take any more of this. I leaped from my branch high overhead and came crashing down on the huntress as the arrow went flying.

    After killing the huntress, I found the girl laying on the ground with this nasty arrow piercing her body. My Gosh, what have they done? I thought. In a pique, I drew upon all the arcane arts that I knew and cast a Switch Spell on the girl. I sacrificed myself so that sweet, young girl could live.

    As I lay there dying, the girl picked me up, her tears dripping onto my fur. She had such powerful tears, but alas, nothing could heal me completely. My body died but she saved my spirit, forever to tell the tale, to those who stop and listen."

    By ShadowKast

    By Suoh

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    great entries, congratulations all

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    Grats to the winners!! Great entries this week!!

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    Loved the story "Being a Hero" - Well done !

    Grats to all.

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    yay! congratz everyone!...i hope you liked my entry!
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    I laughed so much, thank you all

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    congrats to the winners
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