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Thread: Continuation of daily Lag
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    Continuation of daily Lag

    The developers perhaps tried a few things, or so they said - that they are working on it. But so far with no results.

    The lag continues, daily. The only time I barely lag is when there’s no one on at 3-4am...
    This is becoming obnoxious, going to elders or party-specified zone and dying thanks to lag all the time, as skills take 10 seconds to take effect.

    Again, this does not involve only me or my internet connection. I am not that stupid.

    Here are 2 screenies of today.:C53E0324-3819-4740-8497-7E7FEF06005C.jpg2FB58550-53FE-498F-85F8-433B9B68E6F8.jpg

    Hoping for a solution, after a whole month of gameplay *cough, lag, cough*

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    Without having seen a traceroute from your computer to our server, I really can't comment. Did you already do the following? If not, please do. (If you are playing mobile only, you have to install an app for that, since WinMtr will obviously not work).

    Quote Originally Posted by Damon Slye View Post
    If you still cannot connect to the game servers, we need a WinMTR report.
    Download WinMTR from:
    Install and run it
    Set the host to: (the dialog box is in the upper left for this) (use this for US1) (use this for US2) (use this for EU1) (use this for EU2) (use this for US3)
    Press the "Start" button
    Let it run for 1 minute
    Press the button "Copy Text to clipboard"
    Now paste the results in an email and send to


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    Eltu, Ivar Otter
    To add to Tiberius' post, if you are playing on mobile rather than on PC, please see the second section here for suggestion of apps to use:

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    Didn’t find a way to PM from mobile, so I’ll be posting these here.

    Hope it helps!

    When I experience severe lag, I will do another run of trace route and ping test.