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Thread: Leveling fire wizard
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    This is great! I am new to MMO and have been really needing a guide to both understand what I want and how to get it. This is a good first step I think.

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    That's one way to do it. However, my philosophy as a fire wiz is to kill so quickly the enemy doesn't have the chance to hurt me. It makes leveling effortless, I never have to worry about health except in drawn out fights. The only fights I feel squishy in are the 85 elders, but that's manageable and obviously I'm not going to structure my build around those rare events.

    Fire wiz can be an extremely fun subclass to play, that is if you enjoy watching hordes of your enemies melt in front of you.
    I am doing exactly the oppposite.
    In most 85 elder fights I am tanking the elders as a fire wiz, still doing lots of damage. All other fights are pretty fast so I don´t need to get more offensive power and can focus on defense as well.


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    Very cool, and that's part of the fun of fire wiz. It has so much power you can afford to sacrifice some offense for defense if you so choose, and still have plenty left to get the job done.