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Thread: Disappointing update for iOS players
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rozalia View Post
    I still feel like game developers discrim8nate against iOS users
    Funny, a lot of PC players are convinced all the devs care about anymore is mobile. You just can't win lol

    This build is heavily stocked with mobile enhancements. Your argument of discrimination is both inflammatory and unfounded. Otters are busting their furry little rumps to bring as much content to mobile as quickly as they possibly can.

    Please be patient and enjoy all that the game has to offer now.

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    This patch added a significant number of features to mobile users (Android and iOS).

    Village politics, village projects, the animal shopping list, and enhancement have all been added.

    Yes, there are still some things to come, but essentially all the main gameplay features are now on both PC and mobile.

    I personally play using both PC and Android, and I can tell you for nothing, ranching is much, much better and simpler on mobile than on PC. (Except for when it is bugged of course.) Now that latch gathering has been added, the same is probably true of gathering.

    There is still a little way to go, but Devs are doing their best to implement everything on mobile.
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    Nevermind, you are all missing my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rozalia View Post
    Nevermind, you are all missing my point.
    I do see what you are saying. Everyone is just trying to give you information from another perspective.

    Yes, some things are still missing from mobile but Mad Otter was so excited to present the mobile version of their game, albeit lacking some of the things PC has, they put a playable game out. AND what you probably don't know is we PC users don't have some of the things you mobile users have.

    They are working towards all platforms being equal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rozalia View Post
    Nevermind, you are all missing my point.
    No, we get your point just fine. A combination of a feature not yet implemented on mobile plus a bug makes it difficult for you to do something ingame. You are correct, it really makes things difficult with your sheep on mobile at the moment and I also get that this is a disappointment for you.

    What I (plus most users commenting here) don't agree with is your assessment of the situation. Seeing that a) a lot of content was added in Wellspring and quite a bunch of rather important features that were until now missing for mobile clients, b) the mobile client has most of the important features of the PC client now and c) that it depends on the situation which client does something better, sometimes it's the PC client, sometimes it's the mobile client, your claims that mobile users are "second class citizens" and that "game developers are discriminating against iOS users" are a little over the top and IMO not really true and I hope that the majority of our mobile players enjoys this update and is not disappointed (even if we have major server problems still).

    And, yes ... we care about our game and we also want all our players to enjoy the game to the fullest, but in the end it's like I already said: With our small team, we sometimes have to prioritize which features to add now and which a little later. And a MMO is never finished or complete, that's the beauty (and sometimes also the beast) of this genre. The list of bugs and things we would like to implement in the PC client, but couldn't because of our limited resources is just as long as for the mobile client, this has nothing to do with discrimination.

    Diet already told you where the shopping list on mobile is, empty windows will be fixed soon (read more about it here), so that's two of your three things and the sheep renaming is on our list as well, but I honestly can't tell you right now when this will be implemented.

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    I try to view it as being either:
    -Releasing a 95% complete game (whose complexity blows away all the other games that pretend to the title of mobile mmorpg)
    -Waiting 6 or 8 months to release a 100% game

    I'm very grateful the Otters went for the former. And with Wellspring, it now feels like it's 99.9%.