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Thread: Us1 Looking to make some gold. (New player)
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    Us1 Looking to make some gold. (New player)

    So I am a new player, i thoroughly enjoy playing this game from my PC to my phone.

    I was curious as if people sell gold for crown gifts and vice versa?

    I also gather and refine alot and was wondering if people by materials or the rare and legendary gathered items?

    I play a wizard on US1 I just started last night, I have a 23 wizard on us3 that probably won't get played to much as that server is kind of empty.

    If anyone needs anything gathered or refined, my in game name is Hazeman.

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    Majenta, Jena A, Arcola
    Some players do occasionally sell the crown gift bags for gold in the AH, but I wouldn't say it was exactly common.

    The rare and legendary gathers are sold as well, but many players will also just give them to people who need.

    The simplest way to make gold is just to gather and sell the gems you find to vendors. (The value of the gems rises as you gather at higher levels.) Another way to make gold is by growing flowers to sell to vendors.

    The introduction of the specialisations might lead to a market in the items made by specialists, but at the moment that is in the wait and see category.
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    Thanks for the info!! I appreciate it!