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Thread: New tricks division here to consult the senior wizard.Mage chooses ice or fire
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    New tricks division here to consult the senior wizard.Mage chooses ice or fire

    I've also consulted with some of the senior mages, They all disagree, Some say that wizards choose fire in the early days, At the end of the period, choose ice. Some people say that they choose ice at the beginning and fire at the end . And in response, I really don't know how to choose, Hope that experienced senior wizards help analysis, thank you .

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    as we can reset talent with only little silve( gold in game) u dont have to get much confuse at which way u go, fire or ice!
    - go fire at begins is the way i go, it works well on lvl up. But u need some skill from ice too: frost nova for AOE stun, ice floes for heal
    - talent : + 1st +5 in incinerate for free fire bolt
    + 2nd + 10 ice bloom for frost nova
    + 3rd +10 in set ablaze for more damage
    + 4th +... inRift bonded for mana regen...
    + 5th so on..
    - ice floes ( heal skill) u can get in ice craft staff lvl 16( buy in aution or trade from friend
    - go this way u can each lvl 30 easy, even kill all elder solo
    - later maybe different, but u remember we can reset talent point
    Edit: u should spent sometime in getting elder fire staff, elder fire armor asap for fast killing elder
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    As you have found, asdf, there will be many opinions as to desired path to take. You would find this to be true of all classes. Nguyen is correct that it is easy to change how you spend your talent points, in fact right now you can get the potion to change for free from the event zone.
    I think you will alwys find the recommendation to put 5 points(cheap) into incinerate for the manaless casting of fireball. After that opinions will be varied.
    I am mostly ice wiz with a smattering of fire skills. I would recommend leveling your crafting skills as you level combat, there are many feats to help you that are only available on crafted gear. Gathering and crafting gives you an nice break from constant combat, plus you won't be as reliant on others for the best gear.
    But as most players will tell you, play the game the way you want to.
    Casual Ice wizard (slightly Fire) on US2
    Frostalite on forum and in game.

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    I am from the beginning and always Eismagier, and also have fire tried but keep coming back to ice. That's the best for me, and sometimes I'm more warrior than magician. Except for the elders, I manage every zone alone. Find out what's more to you, fight with your magician and be content.

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    Thank you. I think ,I already know how to practice .