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Thread: [US3] The Megnificent Preparation Shop
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    Quote Originally Posted by neonrune666 View Post
    Hey meg I id like a 50-60 Set and we can trade in village lol :3 love the shop too
    Thank you Rune~ Enjoy the preps~

    Quote Originally Posted by Braveshoe View Post
    Absolutely LOVE the design, but the pricing is all over the map.!
    Oh gosh, thank you so much Braveshoe for the compliment and pointing out my clumsiness. I didn't notice that I had part of the original pricing and the revised pricing all mashed up. I use a free program to do the design, and the layers are so unorganized that it slipped my mind.

    The Lvl 20-30 were originally 20 silver each, 40 silver at two and the bundle would add up to more than 1g (1g and 20s to be exact). It would then be cheaper to buy the full set then individually. The rest of the prices should reflect that Obviously when I lowered the prices for them I forgot to lower the full set pricing as well. *facepalm* I have no idea why I didn't see it till now, but I am thankful for your kind advice

    The only other pricing that was intentional is the 50-60. Since I noticed the average of players are around this level on US3, it's a bit cheaper to but the 2 set or the full set.

    All the individual buy is average price, (perhaps a bit cheaper than what the AH is selling for, at least from what I saw) and buying the full set will give you a discount~ Thank you again for pointing it out to me! Please feel free to point out any of my mistakes!

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    I'm glad my feedback didn't offend or discourage you. Fingers crossed this helps to grow the server economy.

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    Whoa...I just saw this. How cool, what a neat idea!