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Thread: Private Otter's 1001 Arabian Nights!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Braveshoe View Post
    She actually gets surprisingly good reception. Must be all those sharp teeth acting as antennas.
    Did you have to make an Epic armor to withstand the stomach acids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaunaG View Post
    Did you have to make an Epic armor to withstand the stomach acids?
    Epic? Puhleeeeease... Legendary or nothing for this mighty croc snack.

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    Braveshoe I agree about the generosity of the gifts in the wonderful participation prize.

    My Poor team had to put up with an otter that dc'd 2x and had a red box a good portion of the time. but I never died (US3 otter)

    we also had a major problem with gems and zogs dropping I ended up having to farm extra mats to get gems then finally one dropped from a nearby bounty.
    Kaya Kittyfeathers Priest US1

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    WINNERS of the Private Otter Event!

    What a great weekend it was, lots of fun! (Once again, though, SORRY about the crashes, EU1!) Congratulations to the following teams, and thank you everyone for participating in the event.

    And the winners of the Private Otter's 1001 Arabian Nights Event were:

    First Place: Team Jafar
    • FinalFlash
    • MinDeb
    • Subroutine
    • Erwalt

    Second Place: Team Sinbad
    • Suoh
    • J3z3b3l
    • Shadön1337
    • Brandon Stark
    • Stjepan0808

    Third Place: Team Cassim
    • Black cvlt
    • Heal Cookie
    • Signe
    • DarkArrowz

    First Place: Team Ali Baba
    • Rohana
    • Lesept
    • WarriorCat
    • AthenaRaye

    Second Place: Team Jafar
    • CarlaJean
    • Enz0
    • Chamois

    Third Place: Team Aladdin
    • Waredge
    • FaunaG
    • Shiny BlueG

    First Place: Team Aladdin
    • giacco9
    • Playpunks
    • marissa31
    • ZogMuseum

    Second Place: Team Sinbad
    • Moose74
    • Wrothna
    • Mighty Aphrodite
    • Greyson544
    • Zelena Moonlight

    Third Place: Team Ali Shar
    • Empty Hands
    • Viranda
    • Jel the Pious
    • Tufluv

    First Place: Team Aladdin
    • Dooks
    • Diddle
    • Katie4567
    • grimmit
    • Teth

    Second Place: Team Sinbad
    • Dude with fists
    • Tianna
    • Puck
    • Sinseater

    Third Place: Team Cassim
    • shiryo
    • Drakz
    • Ivyleaf
    • Mohawk
    • Aivz

    First Place: Team Sinbad
    • Anadara
    • Lujo75
    • Pauline88
    • May Lily

    Second Place: Team Aladdin
    • Mitlaeufer
    • Fährtenleser Otto
    • Just Jack
    • FrauBee

    Third Place: Team Ali Baba
    • Murmeli reloaded
    • Alrik von Balurat
    • Biounit
    • Ysibi
    • tales




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    Ostavite me na miru...! Kad udahnem zraka, tada ćemo pričati...