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Thread: Is this game pay2win / new char question
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    Is this game pay2win / new char question

    Hi guys, I'm new.

    Generally I have two questions.
    Is this game somehow pay2win?
    Is it possible to create some unusual character, a mix of fast melee + some kind of debuffer/hexer in this game?

    Thank you in advance.

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    It's absolutely not pay to win. You can pay for luxury/convenience items, but they aren't necessary.
    You can't mix professions, you are either a warrior, a hunter, a priest, or a mage. You can mix skills within the profession, i.e. fire/ice mage if you want.

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    I think making unusual character with weird mix of skill is rather hard on this game, since the number skill is pretty limited, such as your case the only melee is warrior, and it have very limited debuff which is demoralize and stun so may be a no?

    But making out of character or weird build is definitely possible, e.g tanker wizard, dps holy priest, support warrior

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    Welcome to the game, Taracair.

    "Is this game somehow pay2win?"

    I see this question a lot and the short answer is no, V&H is not P2W.

    There are crowns [cash] items of the cosmetic and convenience variety, some of which can be used to level your character faster and make it easier to play, but there is nothing you can purchase that will give you a competitive edge over other players.
    Also of note is the fact that V&H is basically a PvE style game that has both group and solo play. The fact that it does not feature any direct PvP content means that there is not really anything to "win" here, in the first place.

    I often find that people tend to muddle P2W and P2P together when either of those topics come up, so I'll touch on the P2P aspect as well. No, V&H is not P2P.
    My definition of P2P takes two forms. 1) There is an up-front cost to play the game such as a purchase price or membership requirement to play or advance beyond a certain point. 2) I can play for free, up to a point... but I will eventually hit a pay-wall that makes it impossible for me to advance and/or achieve parity with my fellow players.
    As stated, above, there are certain things you can buy for the sake of convenience, but you can reach end-content in this game without spending anything at all. In, fact, V&H is one of the few games out there that are honestly F2P. If you wish to support the game with purchases [an act which the Otters strongly encourage] I would suggest you put your crowns into permanent, common use items such as a bit of extra storage.

    "Is it possible to create some unusual character, a mix of fast melee + some kind of debuffer/hexer in this game?"

    This one is open to interpretation and opinion. My opinion is no, at least so far as I understand the question, but that's not to say there is no variety within a character build

    There are four character classes in V&H; Warrior, Wizard, Priest, and Hunter.
    Each of the character classes is divided into one of two major subclasses. You can choose either of those subclasses or you can mix feats from both to create a third, 'hybrid' character class.

    Just as an example, The Warrior has a Fury [fast attack with higher DPS] and Lightning [heavy defense with high Aggro] subclass. You can go with a pure Fury or Lightning Warrior, or you can combine the feats and skills of both to create something more unique. Just bear in mind that characters are built on gear and skill points. When you mix skills you can create a more versatile character but doing so requires a sacrifice of some sort. It's entirely possible to create a staunch Lightning Warrior that can hold aggro and still deliver some serious DPS, but the skill points you used to up their DPS could have been spent on increasing its defense. I've seen some decent hybrid builds but I find it a little difficult to achieve. That said, one of the nice things about this game is that most everything you do in developing a character's skills can be easily redone if you decide to change it up.

    Hope you enjoy the game.

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    Just like to add my two pence worth and say that this is absolutely and genuinely free to play and free to 'win'. As stated above, there is no win in a true sense, but it's easily possible to go to max character level without putting any money in to the game.
    All gear and weapons are looted or you craft yourself or gained from quests. There are no in game vendors to buy gear at mega game money prices nor are there any real money gear items. It is not possible to make characters more powerful by spending real money. All you can do is ease the grind a little, look good or have fun with 'toys'.
    With the new daily calendar gifts and with many regular achievement and quest awards, you'll even get many of the items that make the grind easier for free, along with the occasional free outfit too.
    If you do play and stick with it, then hopefully you'll consider at least some small purchase to show appreciation to the devs for a great game.

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    If you do want something from the item shop and don't have real money to spend, you can buy crowns from other players for in game gold, turn in rare zogs, or enter contests which have crowns as a prize. I suggest entering Saving Private Otter (register on forums or on Discord) to win crowns for yourself. Its a fun game with a lot to keep you busy.

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    Here’s a thread where the lead developer and Chief Otter outlines the ethos/philosophy of the game.

    Welcome to V&H!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiarale View Post
    Here’s a thread where the lead developer and Chief Otter outlines the ethos/philosophy of the game.

    Welcome to V&H!
    I haven't seen this post before, but as a relatively new player (around 3 months), I can definitely confirm that this philosophy is still very much prevalent.

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    There is no win as there is no competetiotion.