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Thread: Fire mage stat
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    Fire mage stat

    Guys, can someone tell what features in the armor it is best to take on a fire mage?

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    Here's the short and sweet answer: Whichever ones you like best and think are the most important to play your fire wizzie the way that you like to.

    In other words, it's entirely a matter of personal preference, and it may require a bit of experimentation. My suggestion is to read all of the info on the character page, and then reread it after you equip each new piece of gear. It takes time, patience, and thoughtfulness to create a character in a way that works for your playstyle.

    Good luck, and have FUN with it!

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    A little more information would be helpful. Do you mean stats, runes, epics, etc... and in only the armor (chest piece), or all gear? Trinkets and such as well? There are quite a few aspects to a build.

    As a general guideline, however, the name of the game for a fire wiz is quick kills. So, focus on stats and such that help you hit hard and fast. Savagery, brutality, expertise, haste, etc...
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