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Thread: Fan Friday Sept 28 - Oct 5
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    Fan Friday Sept 28 - Oct 5

    Great stuff this week! (Like that's a surprise.) Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted!

    • First Place = a tie
      • TessaIsabel (EU1) - 'Master Chef'
      • Hawklin Lane (US3) - 'Villagers and Heroes: Life as a Toon an Alternate View'
    • Second Place: Big Men (EU1) - 'King Minos No More!'
    • Third Place: Ulfila (EU1) - 'No Trespassers!'

    By TessaIsabel

    Life as a Toon: An Alternate View by Hawklin Lane

    When I was young, I wanted to explore. I mean, who doesn’t like to explore? What I found to be different was an itch to really go where others hadn’t, or wouldn’t. It has been an incredible journey and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    I have been to many places and fought many battles. I have won, lost, almost won, almost lost, almost died and actually died. I have also been resurrected. It’s definitely been interesting.

    I travelled to Sossaria to defeat the evil wizard Mondain and his wicked enchantress.

    When we were in Skara Brae, the town was trapped in an eternal winter spell but when I defeated Mangar, the spell dissipated and the town was released. It was here I realized the benefits of traveling with companions outweighs the benefits of traveling alone. When Skara Brae was once again besieged by evil we were called upon to return. So did we help defeat Tarjan the mad god.

    I have also travelled the lands of Tamriel, where I got too close to a plot to overthrow the emperor, Tiber Septim. Many of us had been imprisoned to keep us from exposing this plot. Paranoid the emperor had become and the people didn’t understand it. Of course, I escaped from the dungeon and worked to overthrow the plot. It was the minister Jagr Tharn who had devilishly figured out how to hide his identity and replace the emperor. He was quite surprised to see I had survived. When I put the broken staff back together, the emperor was released from his otherworldly prison and returned to the throne rightly. Jagr Tharn died during in process.

    My companions and I have travelled many places in our careers but there’s nothing quite like being in Ardent. As we came to these lands, a strange storm came up and we almost lost the ship. Much of our gear was lost. When we finally made land, there was confusion at Gilly Tunnel.

    Of course, we wanted to help but had no gear. When we were handed a weapon to fight with, it was strange at first. We went to fight in the tunnel and as we raised our weapons we discovered a surge of extra energy that I had never experienced before. Later, we discovered it be some sort of magic that allows one to tap into their innate ability. Mine was apparently to attract and use electricity. Myrleena has able to heighten her holy divination and Tolin was able to accent fire abilities in his spell work. At the time, however, we just went with it as we needed to clear Gilly so the rest could get through to safety.

    Once in Summers Hollow, we rested and eventually found a gnome to help us begin to understand how to make weapons by combining them. We also found that we could craft gear. Both of these seem to take the magic inherent in this land and impart it to the crafted item.

    Having wanted a place to retire it appeared that we had found it. After the Hollow, there were villages scattered around the vicinity towards Ardent City. We found that we liked the area and decided to settle here and see what we would see.

    It wasn’t long before I got wind of the rumors in Summers Hollow. I just figured I would poke around a bit. I was curious. Now several months later, I have travelled to Ardent and beyond. I have seen the last Forever Tree. I have seen the wonder that is Maiden floating among the peaks of Shiverspine.

    Those rumors, by the way, have led us to uncover more than just a twisted up murder. This Black Thrush group has been causing many problems and it appears very possible that much of what has been happening is really more because of greater forces bringing about turmoil and such things to these peaceful people.

    Once again, I take up my new weapons and I am currently working with the Brindles to help them recover what they can of their society in the Pyrron mountains. I suspect that maybe not is all as it seems, but this Lord Pyrrus guy doesn’t seem to be the type have honorably earned a mountain range named after him. We may have to take care of that.

    In fact, just recently, I found myself working with Valuna trying to find out more about Lord Pyrrus. During that quest, I happened into the Oratory, I think it was called, and discovered that I had come face to face with Zagreb. Before I knew it, I also realized that he wasn’t alone. As I charged, hoping to stun Zagreb, I ran off a small ledge. They pinned me and I had to fight them both off. I manage to fell Zagreb and was able to stun Ostendar long enough to get out and back up the stairs. I made it, of course, but I am not sure it is finished. I will need a group to go back with me and make sure it is finished.

    And when it is done, if I can prove to be of assistance bringing all of this to an end and peace returns the people, we can finally retire. This is a good place. The citizenry is a good and solid collective. There are many villages busy with improvements and there is a lot to do and to see. Though I have heard the call to arms, I also make sure I set aside time to learn more about this magic that passes through my weapons. Ginny and others who have come before are also very helpful here. I rather like that I can craft gear.

    I’m not going to lie either. After all these years, it’s very comforting to wake up in a bed, in my own house, and not have it be a healer dealing with my wounds. I can sleep in if I want to. I can stay in my garden and pass the time with my animals. Or, while I wait for the next message from the Brindles, I can explore more of Lady’s Lake. I hear about this place called The Rye but there seems to be something I am missing as I cant quite seem to find the portal.

    Well, whatever I end up doing, this is going to be the place I do it. That much I am certain of.

    Life as a Toon: An (Alt)ernate View from the perspectives of Myrleena and Tolin

    Zagreb?! Really? Ok, then, let me tell you. We heard about that and I made him do it again so I could see it. Strange thing about this land that monsters, even the elders reappear, but whatever that’s another conversation. So, anyways, yeah...he beat Zagreb on his own. But he cried like a like child while he thought he was going to die. Then he ran, at top speed, to get away from Ostendar. He almost didn’t make it. If it wasn’t for the support he received from myself and Tolin, supplies that is, he would have had no pots to heal with and no gear to wear in the first place. He would have had to wait until he had gathered enough to craft items later and that would have put him behind the schedule he said the Brindles were working on.

    And that whole Tamriel thing? If Tolin and I hadn’t figured out that Ria Silmane was only incorporeal, as opposed to dead and passed to the ethereal, he would have totally died in the emperors dungeon.

    Well, I guess that’s part of his charm. I guess everyone brags a bit from time to time. But as a companion, it is irritating sometimes that he takes the lion’s share of the glory when it clearly took all of us to get the job done.

    But he does have a good heart and he doesn’t take more than he needs and he does work to replace what he takes when he can. He is excited about having a place to call home finally. It’s been a long road for us. Sleeping in taverns but also, and mostly, outdoors while adventuring.

    I like that I don’t feel like I have to do anything but stock up my own larder. It’s important to help out in the village though. So myself and Tolin are always talking about trying to figure out this “screen time” thing Hawklin keeps talking about. I think it is part of, if not most of, the reason why he is LVL70 and we are still not quite as experienced with this world yet.

    We do his gathering and we do his feeding and when we have extra we would give to the village when we can. Most of our work goes to the hero because, frankly he needs it more at this moment. Zagreb was tough and it did take all of us to chip in our part of his success.

    I suppose it takes space for us to be in a village but since the house is too small for the three of us, we had to each find a spot. That does put a bit of pressure on the village projects but we do what we can to get out more on occasion. We contribute when we can. It’s not easy being a companion for a hero, and it’s a lot of work, but we love him and he’s always taken good care of us throughout all our journeys.

    We recently moved from one village because we just didn’t feel as welcomed. I think this was really because we just never saw anyone so I felt it was abandoned. And yes the expectations are to participate in the new village as well, but at least there seems to be a more friendly attitude towards what the locals are calling “alts”. Seems a little off putting, but we have been called worse along the roads we’ve travelled.

    The crafting is an interesting process and I am sure Hawk rambled on about the infusion of magic that allows us to seemingly tap into latent talents, so I won’t. But there is much more to it than just that. The herbs and spices have some wonderful effects as well and a good cook can make some of the most interesting meals. I think the crafting is what Hawk will likely fall into afterwards. Seems to have really set him alight with a new curiosity to figure out how it is that gear can allow such talents to surface. He has become quite adept at it, even I have to say.

    Gathering isn’t overly burdensome and it doesn’t seem like it is a lot of waste. When we craft, we also seem to be able to gather just what we need and it doesnt seem overly much.

    Oh wait, I almost forgot about crafting parties. There is a time, every so often, when folks just gather from all over. And they just craft and hang out and have games to play or something fun to go along with the event.

    Others have planned training groups in the wild to help teams to learn how to use their skills for the best use during combat missions.

    The community is really apart from just about anything else we have encountered. It really is looking more and more like a great place to finally retire.

    Then again, I get that itch also. And I also wonder what’s ahead if Pyrrus achieves his goals. Poor Brindles. They already know what its like. Hawk is going to need a priest sooner or later, if he hasn’t already gotten hurt.

    We will just have to wait until Hawk takes a break or retires. That would be a change. Then we can switch it up and see how HE feels having to be the “alt” for a change.

    Well, I’ll tell you. I don’t care what he thinks. I need to get out and do something too. He’s just gotta take a break sooner or later. Then it can be time for Myrleena and Tolin. And Hawklin can sit and wait and garden and such while WE go off to do battle.

    By Big Men

    By Ulfila

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    Congratulations winners!

    Love your Master chef Tessa!!

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    congratulations everyone.
    loved the " life as a toons "

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    Good job!
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    Hawklin Lane
    Thank you. I appreciate very much. Now the hard part is deciding what to spend them on or save them for. Lol.