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Thread: WTB Fleece! 70 copper per LFE - US2
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    WTB Fleece! 70 copper per LFE - US2

    Hi US2 ranchers. I'd like to buy fleece. Lots of fleece, any fleece! I am trying to grind tailoring skill hard and level up quickly. I'm willing to spend 1 silver per level 1 fleece. So, higher level fleece, I'll give more based on the level1 fleece equivalence (LFE).

    Lvl1 fleece = 1 LFE = 1 silver
    lvl 15 fleece = 1.25 LFE = 1.25 silver
    lvl 30 fleece = 1.5625 LFE = ~1.56 silver
    lvl 45 fleece = ~1.95 LFE = ~1.95 silver
    lvl 60 fleece = ~2.44 LFE = ~2.44 silver
    lvl 75 fleece = ~3.05 LFE = ~3.05 silver
    lvl 90 fleece = ~3.81 LFE = ~3.81 silver

    Can message or mail me on SprigOfHalcyon or Spraig or Sprigga. Would be willing to buy up to 500 gold.

    Edit: Note, I have no idea what a good price for fleece is! Not tryign to _Fleece_ you!

    Edit: Nobody is selling, raising price to 1 silver per LFE??
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    Got 85 gold worth so far. Nobody is asking for any payment, though! Generousity is cool and I'm not super rich, but please, let me pay at least the measly copper I've specified here!!!

    People are just too generous in this game. Need some EVE veterans trying to haggle me into beggary...

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    Raising price to... 1 silver per LFE.

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    I do not understand, you can level up tailoring not with fleece, but with silkworms is super easy
    and save the fleece for when your making torso or other parts to get up to 5 star

    but as for levleing no, use silkworms/ but I could be wrong frequently I am

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    Ekimie, Dutchie
    Using fleece gives more xp per cloth. Only using silkworms is a heavy hit on your grubbing supplies. If you have sheep might as well balance it

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    yeah, fleece is 2x the exp. I am gathering silkworms as well.

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    Well, I'm close to hitting 90, my next harvest of fleece should put me over the top. So, I am no longer buying any fleece.