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Thread: Faded map?
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    Faded map?

    First I want to say I like this game a lot, it's good.
    Since I started playing, my map in the zone is faded to a shade where I can see my horse and the area visible.. And it takes a while for me to spot my yellow arrow where, in the map and while on the move. I can't find a solution in settings.

    Also minor issue but my caps lock key does not work in game. I can do without that though.

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    there's a toggle for map transparency on/off

    if u are on pc and open a zone map, it's on the left side of it.

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    Thank you, it works !! That was so simple.

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    Check the keybinds and see if caps is as should be.

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    Hi, idk what that means. My caps key work fine outside of game, it's ok though.