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Thread: Nature hunter rant
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    Nature hunter rant

    Sorry if this makes no sense, rants generally don't and it's a mishmash of what I think. Bear with it

    This is just a complete rant because I'm so confused on the builds I see that focus on nature/survival and self healing. Don't hate me

    I've been doing a lot of research regarding the hunter class, nature to be more specific and it really seems that mostly all natures rely on certain skills or talents that to me seem like a waste. I know everyone has their own play style but going through the guides and whatnot they say marksman if you want to last longer and nature if you like to rely heavily on sneak, nature's veil etc to even stand a chance (maybe that's not really the correct wording). Then there's things like resourcefulness for mana management (I think.. I'm still fairly new), concussion shot(why do you need this when you have crippling shot which also stuns for 6 seconds) here and there, woodland arrow with natures veil people rely heavily on (which I get that one in a way), to me all of them seem fairly useless. It's like all hunters follow a mainstream build guideline and don't really venture into the marksman talent side and mix them to maximize dps and in turn become more mana efficient, yes mana efficiency in marksman. The only thing you need in survival is barbed heads. Just because your nature doesn't mean you can't have power in marksman too.

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    To try to deal with some of the issues mentioned above, in no particular order, here are some things to consider.

    Concussion shot is an AoE. It doesn't just stun one mob, it stuns all mobs closely by. In group situations that makes it useful, even if you also have Crippling Shot and have invested the points in the marksman talent to gain the stun.

    Resourcefulness is the survival talent which boosts both mana and health (and once you fill it and get the ultimate it also improves both mana regen and health regen). For any class or subclass boosting those is helpful.

    I personally would disagree with the idea that Nature Hunters rely heavily on sneak (nature's veil as it is now of course). Even more, I would disagree strongly with the suggestion you should pick nature if you "want" to rely on Nature's veil and woodland arrow. Play nature if you like using DoTs, switching targets and maximising your damage that way. If Nature relies heavily on anything, it is the proper use of DoT.

    Of course the Nature's veil woodland arrow combo is good, but it is not the defining tactic, in my opinion at least.

    Having said all that, I have to admit I kinda suck as a hunter.
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    As mentioned I'm fairly new, only a couple months old. I do agree with you that the concussion shot is good in group combat, however I still don't find it viable to get. Yes resourcefulness is hp and mp but in my mind as long as you have a potion then you don't need to rely on anything that is an hp boost or self heal in terms of talents. The reason why I say that marksman is good for mama because of the ultimate for debilitating (I think it's called that lol), you have 2 marksman skills that are viable, crippling shot and wounding shot which is a DoT. As you mentioned about nature, it's a lot of DoTs max your brutality and savagery, get every DoT you can including the marksman one because when you crit which is ALOT, say you're my level 49 you're going to be critting 800-1.2k on your DoTs and if you have the ulti you're going to restore 5% of your mana every marksman crit including DoT crit, keep all your DoTs up and you have huge dps. My rotation for bounties and anything really besides regular mobs is..
    Poison, crippling, wounding, viper, noxious.
    My reasoning behind no natures veil is because the ulti at the bottom of the nature tree is a 75% chance to shoot woodland arrow as if it had been shot by natures veil so once you get that you're going to switch out noxious for woodland, take the buff from deadly aim to increase your dmg and your laughing

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    Ekimie, Dutchie
    I have no clue about nature but I'd like to explain my use of Concussion shot. As you mention crippling already has a stun, but still concussion is one of my favourite shots. I use it to be able to solo about everything (except elders ofcourse). For bosses I use crippling, and when it ran out I put concussion on them to try stun them a bit longer, because obviously crippling its cooldown is too long. For mobs I use both crippling and concussion, first mob crippling and then kill it, next mob I pull from its group with true shot and then when it is in a free space I time concussion on it to stunn it still. Then the mob after crippling has reset again and I use that one. It works for me and the mob hardly ever whacks away at me before it dies. Both crippling and concussion have cooldowns too long to use them on every mob without waiting for them, but switching between them for each new mob helps me a lot.