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    Secret Santa Event

    This December, we invite you all to participate in a truly community oriented activity, one which is not only just plain fun, but affords everyone the opportunity to indulge in that most special of holiday pastimes, gift giving and receiving!

    The V&H Event Committee, also known as Santa’s Little Helpers this month, have devised the ultimate secret gift exchange for all players on every server! Send a gift to a player who only you will know the name of, and in return receive a gift from your own anonymous Secret Santa.

    How It Works

    On every server, there exists a special character named ‘Secret Santa Elf.’ To register for this event, simply send an in-game email to Secret Santa Elf. Your in-game email should include the following information:
    • Subject Heading: ‘Registration’
    • Your character name, class, and level.

    Registration will be for one week only! December 3 -10. And again, to be clear, there will be no public registration for this event. You will NOT sign up on the Forums or Discord. You will ONLY send private in-game emails to the ‘Secret Santa Elf’ on your server.

    On December 11th, Santa’s Little Helpers will randomly shuffle all of the names of the registered participants, and privately assign Secret Santas. On the 11th, players will then receive in-game emails telling them the name of the person they will be sending a gift to, as well as other pertinent instructions.

    From December 11 - 20, all registered participants will create their gifts and messages, and privately email them to the special event character they have been assigned. (In addition to ‘Secret Santa Elf,’ ‘The Snowman Helper’ and ‘The Reindeer Helper’ have been created to assist with receiving and distributing gifts.)

    *Important: Since this is a ‘secret’ Santa event, players must not give their gifts themselves to their assigned person. All players MUST send in-game emails with their gifts, to us, Santa’s Little Helpers. We will then pass the gifts along and preserve the anonymity of all.

    Between December 21 - 24, all registered participants will receive their gifts and messages from their Secret Santas via in-game emails, and everyone will have a special gift to unwrap this holiday season!

    Gifts and Messages Criteria

    • No store bought items. (Nothing from the item shop.) This is to ensure equality, and make it as fair and fun as possible for all players to participate in the event.
    • Up to three gifts can be sent, but no more than three.
    • A message is not required, but is appreciated. Whatever you wish to say to the person you are giving a gift to, we will happily pass along to them.

    We want all players to have the freedom and creativity to create whatever they’d like for their gifts! The possibilities are wide open, and you will also be told the class and level of the person you are sending a gift to. (Gear, pies, buffs, boosts, flowers, gems, zogs, gathered mats, mead, weapons, motes, supplies, and on, and on, and on.) Feel free, too, to create songs and poems, or little creative rhymes, or a special V&H memory, or anything of the like!

    The Rules

    • If you do send a gift bought in the item shop, it will be returned to you with a message asking for a non-crown purchased item.
    • If you register for the event, but do not send a gift, your name will be removed from the event. In order to receive a gift, you must send a gift.
    • No alts. Players may only participate with one character. This ensures that when we randomly shuffle all of the names, players won’t be assigned their own alts as Secret Santas.
    • We will not be revealing who the Secret Santas are. After the event is over, if players wish to reveal themselves that is entirely up to them, but we will not be publicly posting any of the names.


    1. December 3 - 10 = Registration. (Players send in-game emails to ‘Secret Santa Elf.’)
    2. December 11th = Registered participants will receive emails with the name of the player they will be sending a gift to, and information about the player.
    3. December 11 - 20 = Players will send their gifts and messages via in-game emails to us.
    4. December 21 - 24 = All participants will receive their gifts and messages from their Secret Santas.

    (*EU2: Please see DE Forums for details about your Secret Santa Event, the format of which differs slightly from this.)

    This is going to be fun! Hope to see as many of you as possible participating!

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    +3 Otter Bucks to OP

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    Aernak, Karametra, Yondalla
    Are crown shop items that are also found in-game, such as red darrig chests and keys, permissible to gift?

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    That is an awesome idea!! I really appreciate how it's being organized i.e. the rules, timeline, and being allowed to send a message along with the gift.

    Happy Holidays to all! (And an extra-special thank you to the Event Committee for organizing this!)