Dear Citizens of A Mystical Land,

Sound the fanfares, beat the drums and let us celebrate! The times of darkness are over and the sun has risen over the kingdom of Ardent.

Today we proudly announce that "A Mystical Land" has left the closed beta testing and is now open for all visitors.

The city guard's census has confirmed that Ardent's roster is wiped clean, all banks have freed up their vaults and the merchant's guild has stated that all stores have restocked on commodities, merchandise and consumables. Ardent city administration assures that all alleys are aired out and are awaiting adventurers from all over the world.

So you can see: We have done everything we can to make your stay in Ardent as pleasant as possible.

With this said, there is only one thing to say: Welcome to Ardent! Welcome to A Mystical Land!

PS: We have received word from Ardent's Royal Society for Environmental Studies (ARSES) that - unless specified otherwise - no wild animals may be fed. Any visitor caught trying to feed (or feeding himself/herself to) the animals in Ardent will be held accountable!